The Warners Go On Holiday.


The Warners about to head out for a ski

Meet George and Biffy Warner, they are from out east, and went on there summer holiday to the family place in McCall  Idaho. Turns out Biffy’s father was well off since he was the first to sell vast amounts of potatoes to a big potato chip co, now of course sold to a large soda pop company, anyway you get the drift here. Potato Farmer hit gold..en crispy gold

The family is all there, including Blacky Boo, the loyal lab

The entire family lives off “The Chips” and they all laugh.. “You cant just spend one!” Any-who, they loved to take snap shots when the Warners all came together at the annual board meeting to discuss Fathers Chip war chest.

Biffy and Margaret enjoy the humid free summer air. Margaret, married into the family, but her husband George Jr, is never with them since he works in “The City” and too much to do.

We here at Woody Boater are lucky enough to have found some of the slides on ebay, and well, since Buffy and George died years ago from heart failure, actually decades ago. Apparently you should only eat one.. We are able to read into the slides whatever story seems to make sense. So?

Biffy and Julia chatting about George Jr, and his other family no one is supposed to know about.

Nothing a boat ride cant solve

Thats Bert, Biffy’s father who still has most of his marbles. But forgets where he left the keys and ..and..where was I?

George and Biffy out on the cruise to erase the family debate regarding what school little Spud the grand son should be attending in the fall.

And after the ride, all is swell in Warnerville!

Now for a reality check. As WASPY as the Warners are, they have George Speck to thanks. Yes an Mohawk with African American ancestry who is credited with popularizing the Potato Chip. Thankyou Mr Speck, for all you gave me.. all 40 extra pounds! Here is the real history of George. 

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OK, so what I am wondering is have you really done some in depth research here and are exposing “…George Jr, and his other family…” as the lineage of F. Todd?

    (Unfair accusation as I have never meet F., but have spoken with him on the phone. I hope he has a good sense of humor.)

  2. BT
    BT says:

    How about the one gal who is in several photos reading a book during all of the action. Over the years, I’ve had several of these types at my lake place and they always amaze me. I couldn’t stay focused with all of that action going on….. well, to be honest, I can’t stay focused sitting in a library.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    aahhh…there were BOATS…this is a boat site..
    Bring in the BOATS, there ought to be BOATS…
    Neat boats too. Any guesses? One inboard pictured is quite small not to be an outboard? But then Biffy and Julia know all about small…per George jr.

    John in Va.

  4. Donald R. Hardy
    Donald R. Hardy says:

    We at McCall Boat Works take care of the wood boats on Payette Lake, like the Warner’s. The family’s come back every summer from all over the world to McCall, Idaho. We deliver to three high mountain lakes to there private Idaho. It’s a great business. Payette Lake has a rich history in wood boats.

    The winter skiing is simply the best in the west, Brundage Mtn. Cold deep powder.

  5. Donald R. Hardy
    Donald R. Hardy says:

    Just to clarify in the wood boat community, MBW has been for sale for sometime now, we are not going out of business or shutting down. **** Just for Sale. **** It will continue until then.
    Thanks, Don

  6. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    The inboard looks like a Chris craft cavalier but I think it’s a knock off or a home made version of the cavalier. Thoughts?

  7. John Doyle
    John Doyle says:

    Definitely a CC Cavalier. Probably 17’. But steering wheel is on left/ port side and the engine box look rather tall, not typically seen. In addition the white topside painted panel trim seems to be seen mostly ifrom later 1950’s boats, that were also typically equipped with a curved molded plexiglass windshield. This boat has the flat plate 2 piece windshield with chromed brackets.

    Some anomalies for sure,. Maybe a unique engine and windshield were ordered or retrofitted

    The list price for a 1955 CC Cavalier 17’ Utility with a 135 hp KLC (?) engine was $1,750. 3/8” beautiful mahogany plywood top sides, scarfed spliced from 3 sections, 3/8” Douglas fir plywood bottom, 2 or 3 spliced section, 3/8” mahogany ply deck, very thick mahogany ply transom, 1” mahogany timber frames, mahogany timber keel and chines, and Douglas fir timber engine bed logs. Cavaliers started as an outboard kit boat, and soon became an inboard factory build item around ‘54 or ‘55, Mostly utilities but I’ve run across about 4 17’ runabout versions.
    My Cavalier, sn V 17-208, was dealer retrofitted with a 1964 CC 283 V8, and I did the 2 piece plate windshield and brackets about 2010. That V8 makes it go, and windshield makes it a classic!

    Hope I didn’t bore anyone with all this info, CC Cavaliers are a bit rare and fun to have and talk about

  8. Bob Braaf
    Bob Braaf says:

    Here is our 1957 17′ Cavalier, highly customized by Chris Smith, at the Algonac Show this year.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Late to the party again today. Busy doing a cabin project. I’ve been building a 12 x 20 deck on the cabin with steps at each end. Not much time for boating, or reading WB. It will be done soon, then back to normal. Fun story today!

  10. Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong says:

    Back in the day when a single ring around the waist was ample safety for a floatation device while skiing.

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