There’s Gonna Be A Shoot Out, And It’s Gonna Get… Darn Good Look’n!

The Donzi's are going to meet the Smiths this weekend!

The Donzi’s are going to meet the Smiths this weekend!

Fellow Woody Boaters Bert Harris and Bill Stephenson are bringing some red hot Donzi heart to Florida today. You may recall Bert and his high jumping Donzi Baby.

Lets get that baby in her jumper!

Lets get that baby in her jumper!



The baby Donzi interior

The baby Donzi interior

The F 14 interior

The F 14 interior

They are also bringing a very rare Donzi F14 who is ready to party. Also the Ledonne’ s are bringing they newly restored 1969 Chris Craft SS down as well to team up with Pumpkin to take on the Donzi’s….  It’s gonna be a busy day on the water this weekend.

Pumpkin 55

Big Block power! Ready to rumble.

Big Block power! Ready to rumble.

So while you sit up there in the snow, we will be causing wakes, burning fuel, and getting sunburns! Ya still got time to get down here. Come on the waters great!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I am coming tomorrow afternoon. I am so sick of this snow!!!

    So where will the party be when I arrive? Troy’s pleasure palace?

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    The Donzi baby 14 is a very rare boat with only 13 built and invoiced by Donzi.
    This beautiful Red boat is also extremely unique as it is the 14th Donzi baby 14 to come from the mould… and the first popped out at the Cigarette factory under Don Aronows reign. It is unclear if there were any more.
    So, it’s the last AND first of it’s extremely rare kind.

  3. Mike Thrower
    Mike Thrower says:

    Where are all of the Correct Crafts ? Post some photos of the wood and plastic Correct Crafts from the Mt. Dora Show.
    A ton of the members from will be there this week

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Mike – no correct Crafts on the St. Johns River cruise, which is where the header was taken. There was a vintage (unsure of year) Ski Nautique on the cruise yesterday. The show starts Friday an you should get a whole bunch of Correct Craft shots at that time – none down at the show site yet that I am aware of.

      • Troy
        Troy says:

        Yes there were!

        Were you sleeping or were you on the boat that was broke down?

        I think there were two, but I don’t think I got any pictures of them.

        Here is one! A one off twin engine. VERY RARE.

        One off / very rare I guess that is redundant.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Any last minute packing tips or requests for things I should bring?

    Anyone need any white hots or perhaps a fresh jar of Grey Poupon?

  5. mattyboy
    mattyboy says:

    It is great to see that the classic glass boats are getting the attention they deserve. Maybe someday that AWESOME red 14 will be accepted as what it is a 1978 Cigarette that’s when it left the molds and is truly a one of a kind piece of history from thunderboat row and Don Aronow.

    there were at least 15 14 baby hulls made at Donzi prior to 1968.
    One was destroyed in one of the molds the other followed Don Aronow around 188th street in 1967 with another mold and was eventually rigged and sold By Cigarette in 1977. When that boat sold the Red 14 was started and left the molds in 1978. The 1977 Cig 14 is being restored in NJ now.

    Hey Ol’Red that F 14 is OUTSTANDING

    The Lake George Donzi Classic Club

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