Thinking About Buying A New Boat? Is A 1939 To Old For You?

As we embark on this new relationship with Mad Mariner it dawned on me that many new folks will be reading this. Folks that have not thought of a classic looking woody boat as a boating option. One good reason for that may be not wanting to deal with all the stuff that comes with owning a classic boat.
One thing to consider is a brand spanking new 2008 classic woody boat. They are still made today, and better by the way. They are available in all price ranges. Starting as low as 4K. With new epoxies and building standards, these new classics will be around for a long time.
There are many reasons to consider a new classic woody boat.
Value, they hold there value much longer, than a new whatever plastic thing..
You can even have yours clear coated like your car, so all you have to do is wax them.
They look great in the garage.
You can go to boat shows in all sorts of cool places.
You will learn some history…sorry!
Everyone on the planet has something to say. It’s like going out with a Jessica Beal. The masses don’t care who you are, but you will get an ego rush!
Your kids will actually fight over it when your gone.

Here are some links to several makers of such craft. From the original brands, like HackerCraft, GarWood, Aristocraft, to newer brands, Grand Craft, James Craft, Fish Brothers, as well as countless restoration shops that will build you a new whatever. Vintage Marine is a great example of such a place. So as you are dreaming of a new plastic boat for this spring, shift your mind, and go wood. OK wood and epoxy…..