This Is The Weekend You Have Been Waiting For-ish.

Don’t be Nervous, unless, your boat is called Nervous. Then you can Nervous.

It’s the weekend of all weekends. Nothing but summer ahead. Unless you are in the Denver area, then you are digging out of snow. Or in the Mid West, where storms and life is just miserable. So sad, and our hearts go out to all of our friends out there. Or in a Tornado, thats never a good weekend. Here in the Mid Atlantic, its just very bad storms. But sunny patches.

Make sure you wear a hat

This is the weekend that officially starts summer and boating season. So hopefully you are all set, and can get a little varnish time out on the water. Be safe, keep the sunscreen off the varnish, lift and sniff, and if you do sink, or break down, please remember to take photos! After all, the only good thing that can happen from your car being under water at the boat ramp, is it sure makes some fun comments.

Relax, its all part of the fun!

HEY! Don’t get mad at me. Your misery just is a fun reminder that we are not alone and ship happening is all part of the fun. Just as long as no one is hurt. Embarrassed, humiliated? Dumb? Okay! Hurt, Not Okay. Okay! Now get out there!

Lets GO!


Arcadia doing her thing on Torch lake

And remember – Check your drain plug!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Been so cold and wet in the Atlantic NorthEast that I don’t have any boats ready to go in the water. Maybe I will get out in a Kayak this weekend?

    Opening up camp tomorrow on Cobbossee and picking up a (new to her, 2012) Sea Doo for Mom (92 years young). I will get some pics of that to share.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Was planning on being out there today but calling for gusts up to 35mph here on Long Island. Looks like tomorrow will be day one.

  3. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Gorgeous sunny day here in NE Oklahoma! Lots of rain so the lake level is very high. Boat ramps & walkways are underwater and there is a lot of big floating stuff. Not going boating!

  4. Mark in Ohio (heading to the U P )
    Mark in Ohio (heading to the U P ) says:

    Heading up to the cabin to open things up, get the dock in, and do some boating. Let us all remember our brave servicemen who gave all so we can boat free! Many of them were woodyboaters. from the men who sailed on the USS Constitution. Too the men who landed on Normandy riding Chris Craft landing crafts, and the Sailers fighting in the Pacific riding Higgins PT boats. They were all very brave. Enjoy the weekend and be safe.

  5. Syd
    Syd says:

    I will never forget the day of that first picture with. The owner floating on the cushion looking at the bow of his boat.

    • Old Salt
      Old Salt says:

      Niether will I! Or the voice of the wife yelling at me as to whats happening with her husband and their boat since she was on shore with her cell phone watching the boat sink and her husband floating. It’s one of the reasons I stopped organizing that show each year.
      As to the boat and owner, the owner is fine and took the whole situation in stride. The boat which sank because a battery was not fastened down to the boat and bounced and knocked hole through the plywood on the bottom of the boat. The boat was retrieved from the lake and was repaired and is now being used once again.

  6. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Going out this weekend here is like going to a bar on New Years Eve, amateur hour. We’re expecting 96-97 degrees each day with high humidity. A few years ago I helped my friend at our ramp retrieve his boat in the early evening. He said let’s go back to the ramp and help out. I said are you crazy? That’s like trying to tell a blonde how to back a trailer down. Anyway, we promptly observed a new 18 ft I/O bowrider being towed out with a $2.99 yellow braided Walmart winch line which…well, you know the rest. As the boat slid off the trailer the owner kept motoring up the parking lot. HELLO, you forgot something? Believe it or not, about 8 guys pitched in and lifted the boat back on the trailer.

  7. briant
    briant says:

    8 guys pitched in to help the owner to retrailer the boat??

    She must have been a beautiful blonde.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      I would have remembered that Briant. As I recall, the guy driving the pickup looked more like Junior Samples which is his home town here. It shows you what people will do when you are blocking the ramp on a busy weekend.

  8. briant
    briant says:

    We had a similar event where many people helped each other out – the local river is affected by the tide and well, the tide went out and when everyone came back at the end of the day, the water depth at the ramp was not six feet as it was earlier, but more like two to maybe three feet deep. And I can now tell you that our boat needs two and a half feet to clear everything, and those 25′ wakeboard boats with the stupid towers need a good three plus feet of liquid. Long story short, about ten families all hung around to get boats on trailers for the whole group. Took about two hours or grunting and straining, but at the end, everyone was able to go home.

    FYI – those damn boats are really heavy.

  9. james Murdock
    james Murdock says:

    Its hard to complain about anything when you see what those poor people are going thru. Just lets remember while we play with our toys what this weekend is all about and thank a Vet

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