Todays Disposable Story Is About, Well Who Cares, It Wont Be Up For Long.

Lots of trash to dig through

I know this looks like its been the longest tease on the planet earth, but change does require changes before it can go live. With a site that has so many little things in its 15 year history, stuff keeps breaking and needs fixing. For example email notifications. Our data center was erased by Feedburner, because of a change. So we are trying to create a new one but Our sign in says we already exsist, but then nothing happens. YA, You all know the feeling, just from reading this. Each little step is an agrivating deep dive into a email ticket hell. Anyway, we are almost there. And you will know when its a new site. Sorry about all the delays. But hey, you do get what you pay for.. HA..ugh..  And happy header day, it will all change