Trade in your Grand Prix for a Grand boat.

I was just on ebay looking at a sweet Grand Prix. We got to talking via email. As the conversation went on, the seller made a funny comment that he loved the old classic boats and that he tried to stay away from the shows because he knew he would buy one and he already had 6 cars and so on and so on. I thought, how many times have I heard this? Most of the classic boat nuts out there started with classic cars. Myself included. It’s a disease, or something genetic. For those of you thinking of coming over to the classic boat side here are some enticing reasons why that is a good thing.
1. You can still find great deals.
2. When you use your boat, you are truly getting away from it all.
3. Most restorations are still do it your self.
4. The values are going up just as fast as cars.
5. Your family will actually be interested in a boat.
6. A lower divorce rate.
7. No traffic jams, over heating.No Speed limits.
8. Chances are you won’t see another like yours out there.
9. Fantastic community.
10. You are part of saving and living a way of life.
The call of the sheet metal is a very powerful one. But I defy you to watch a beautiful classic boat rumbling by in the water going out for a sunset cruse, and not think. Man that would be sweet to do. It sure beats getting pulled over for doing a burn out in the shopping mall parking lot.