U22 Custom Sedans.

Up until now all we have really focused on is the topless version of U22’s. Well! Shame on us. Because one of the most attractive designs in the classic boat hobby is the roof line of the U22 Sportsman sedan. Starting in 1946-1949 with painted white sides and later like all the other sportsman from 1949-1954 with varnished sides. Chris craft made 436 of them. One cool feature is that the windshield opens for venting and actually helps while docking… Here are two examples.

This 1949 two owner Custom Sedan can be seen at Macatawa Bay Boat Works with the full restoration documented in images….with great cedar touches….. Well worth the click..This 1951 is at Sierra Boat Company in California and is for sale…. Interested? click here.

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    I am sorry I did not have computer access because I just came from Douglas Michigan across the Kalamazoo River from Saugatuck where the shop is located. Next to the big Lake Michigan. I will drop in at Christmas and take a look.

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