Under $15,000 Woody Boats!


Brand New for under 15K! Aristocraft

Yesterdays story on a give away poster was a huge hit, thanks for spreading the gospel. One issue stood out to readers, regarding a statement that there are restored Woody Boats out there for $15,000. Well, we 100% stand by that statement, and also want to point out, that you need to believe that since your opinion counts when talking to people about our woody boats. screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-7-28-34-amWhen folks come up to you, they are often thinking your $30K boat is a $200K boat and you spend every waking hour varnishing it. NOT TRUE. I know its human nature to share the pain of faulty points and so on. But to a new Woody boater who is kicking trailer tires, he or she needs hope. And its out there. So today we wanted to point out that with a simple 5 minute search, we found some UNDER $15K boats. RESTORED!


Actually its 9K

How about a 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat? Right HERE at Antique Boat Center


A 1962 18 ft Chris Craft Sea Skiff $13,000 Right Here at Antique Boat Center


Or… A 1954 19 ft Century Viking $12,500  Right here at Antique Boat Center


OK,OK, a fiberglass Bottom 1958 19 ft Century Resorter $10,000  Right here at Antique Boat Center

These are 4 found in about 3 minutes, and from my never ending searches, they are out there. I have even found a U22 with a 5200 bottom for $15K, NOW. Granted, we are not talking show boats here, many of the larger ones will need some work. And there are countless examples out there with original bottoms. If you live on a small lake and the boat sits in the water all summer, its a great way to decide if these are a fun boats.Like this sweet 17′ Sportsman at Sierra Boat Co. If they say its good, its good to go.


$10K and you are boating

Then do a bottom job after you love the boat. Also in some cases Fiberglass bottoms can be OK. If done right, can make an enjoyable entry into the passion. And you can own a show winner fiberglass boat under $15K as well.

This time capsule 1970 Larsen Shark at Freedom Boat Service! RIGHT HERE



Freedom Boat Service sells boats for $350,000 as well, so there is a boat for every person and level of interest.


1930 28′ Chris-Craft is the only Convertible Sedan built by Chris-Craft and is AMAZING! Just $335,000 above your 15K price range.

Even Katz’s Marina has some Classic fun for under $15K with this insane fast Jersey Sea Skiff. Yes, its plastic, but when you are airborne, who cares! RIGHT HERE. Scroll down.


Rare photo of Jersey Skiff sitting still

And I am saying right here! Right now, I will pay $15,000 Katz’s marina in cash for this amazing 1942 Step Hydro. Seth? Seth? Hello, Suzy, I think the phone got disconnected? Thats strange, Hellooooo! OK, OHHHHH it’s $150,000.. OHHHH, sorry, it’s just a zero! Zero is zero..right? Hello!


Ohhhhhh momma mia!

The point here is that there is stuff out there. And when you talk to folks at the shows or docks, it can be enlightening to a guy that is considering getting into these boats that they are affordable and fun. Then once they get into it, read woody boater every day, and find them selves buying vintage match books cause they have Varnishitus bad.. That’s when you nail them with the idea of buying a $200K Sportsman.. OK, wait, maybe leave this bit out of it.

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  1. Scott Turner
    Scott Turner says:

    Great article as always. This is a myth of woody boating I have been trying to debunk for years. From classic fiberglass boats to new production wood boats, they are all within grasp of the everyday family. Woody boating does not have to be a super expensive hobby, and the group as a whole are such great fun people to be around. For under 15,000 your not just buying a boat, your buying into a lifestyle, and a great one at that!

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Thanks Scott for the reminder, I added Aristocraft boats to the story! WOW! I had forgotten and these boats are a perfect way to get into the passion. Thanks again.
      Torpedo 16 Price: $16,500

      Torpedo Price: $14,500

      Typhoon Price: $12,500

      Unfinished Model: $6,900 comes completely assembled, with hardware, and ready for you to add your touch!

  2. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    I tell visitors it only has 6 moving parts and goes fast for its age. They’re most surprised when I say the enemy is sun, not rain. EVERYBODY loves the sound.
    (1948 CC Deluxe, original K)

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    How about a pster advertising at $100,000 + pontoon boat to go beside this one ? Thant might help make the point.

  4. Dave Montrois
    Dave Montrois says:

    Great idea to adapt that early 60’s Johnson cowl to the new motor. Looks vintage but with modern reliability.

  5. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    A woody enthusiast and I have often discussed the possibility of doing exactly that; designing a vintage cowl for a modern motor. Are there any other examples of this sort of thing than the Johnson featured above? Mercury’s perhaps?

    • Kelly Wittenauer
      Kelly Wittenauer says:

      I’ve also seen pics of Aristocraft having done it with an Evinrude. Can’t recall seeing any Mercurys. Would love to see one of these in person. I’d like to see how they do this.

      • Scott turner
        Scott turner says:

        Hey guys. Because of the design and shape of the motors, the mercury cowls are not condusive to doing this conversion. The Johnson and evinrude cowls are wider, and used the more traditional mounting system like the modern motors. To get a mercury cowl to work on a modern motor would be a substantial amount of work. Hope this helps.

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