Ventnor Vagabond On eBay, It’s Fiberglass, It’s Wood, It’s New, It’s Old.. What ever it is, it’s cool!

Lets start by saying that Ventnors are very cool boats. And the old ones, are way cool.. But.. Set aside your old wood mindset for a second. They are painted wood.. So its not like you are showing off a ton of brite wood. So.. this 2005 version is a smart way to go.. Now, what makes this even cooler is that they laid real wood decking on top.. With some very cool bear claws.. This sucker is bad ass. Chuck in a wicked bitch’n new motor.. And I am having real trouble not drooling on this. For a pure visual kick without all the wood crap.. This is a go to boat.. You dont get that feeling of being in history.. Or do you.. It’s from Ventnor..

So it is what it is. Not a kit boat.. but a timeless cool design. The trailer is also very cool.. Dang.. Why cant they make a U22 sportsman like this..A cruiser.. Would be better.. The concept of glass hull with wood on top is interesting.. You can see it here on eBay.. Dont stare to long though.. Otherwise it will be in your boathouse.. Or not..

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    1:23-1 direct drive transmission.


    Perhaps they mean 1.23:1 reduction drive, which would not be direct.

    I do like the white walls on the trailer. Nice touch.

  2. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    There’s been a couple of these on Ebay lately.

    Ventnor missed with the late 80’s Ski Supreme/Nautique windshield. At least with my fiberglass-wood-boat-wanna-be Elite Craft they used a (homemade) CC Capri/Cobra-type curved glass windshield (which, now 2-3 decades later, all are de-laminating).

    I’ve owned a ton of boats and the one that never causes the Missus to complain about ride is the U-22. In the end I always count on that. The sun is a fidderent matter, LOL.

  3. James
    James says:

    Who’d a thunk…..2 plastic Ventnors on evilbay at the same time….

    “This is the 100th Anniversary Ventnor boat.
    The current price on these boats is approximately $120,000.00”

    Get ’em while they’re hot……(too hot for an electric wench according to m-fine)

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