Warren Buffet, Is that You On eBay?

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After yesterdays dramatic sale of the Chris Craft Kit Boat for only $5750

A Very Nice Fresh James Craft Kit Boat, Never In The Water.

I started snooping around. And hand full of guys are buying up some very nice boats at very good prices. eBay is amazing this way. You can learn a lot by looking into stuff. The top guy right now.. I call him the Warren Buffet of the classic boat world is scooping up some choice woody’s. Here are some recent examples of his purchases. Look and weep. Then get out there and start making deals. Now is the time.

A Very Nice Century 1959 Palomino, Very Nice Restoration

A Very Nice Fresh 1957 Higgins, Over the top restoration.

A Very Nice 1961 Glen-L, OK this one was no trailer queen, but the trailer is worth 800 bucks.
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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    I don’t think those prices are soft for these boats at all. They’re not highly collectible boats. They’re just not.

    And I disagree that eBay is any sort of baramoter for the classic boat market. From what I’ve seen, people ask huge dollars for project boats – the likes of which I see for sale locally at a fraction of the price.

    On the other end, eBay is the last place I would try and sell a truly collectible boat.

    I think your typical estute buyer still prefers brokers or good old fashioned word of mouth sales, the latter of which I suspect dominates the market and which we have no real way of truly estimating.

    Like it or not, a bulk of the qaulity classic boat business still eschews the online world.

  2. David Loman
    David Loman says:

    I am very interested in buying a Shepherd Junior or a Century Palomino. I want one professionally refinished or in restored condition. Where can I find one? I have scoured the internet with no luck..it must be an outboard boat preferably without a motor. Anyone have any suggestions or assistance?

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