Watch Out For The Mahogany Fish In Argentina

It all started while on a fishing trip to Argentina. Fellow Woody Boater Claude Owen caught himself a very nice custom Mahogany runabout. We all have been there.. No not Argentina.. But we all have been sucked in by the call of the Mahogany.. Claude could not stop himself. What also added to the whiff of the aphrodisiac called varnish, was that the boat was being used in a German Beer commercial..  The deal was done.

I love the lines on this boat.. No one has a clue as to what it is.. It was built around 1975 off plans from a old Chris Craft is all Claude knows about it. 

Claude’s pals, set up the boat, and got it shipped up to him in North Carolina.. Ain’t fish’n buddies great? Hey at least Claude did not bring back a Lama…  The boat… and Claude then moved to Lake Anna in Virginia.. Where she sits today.. She also is sitting on eBay if you are fishing around for a cool one off boat.. And if you want.. the eBay listing.. Right here.. 

Ahhh, didn’t expect this did ya? Thought it would be some bad VW bus engine? Nope.. A very cool ford marine engine.. It does have Spanish numbers on it..  This was the detail that gave me a clue that who ever built this thing had fun with it. The lines on the boat are gorgeous, but the motor was the touch that put me over the top.. Its been serviced and the boat refreshed according to Claude.. If any of you know what this could be.. Chime in.. It all adds to the fun.. 
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