“We Are Taking Water Fast” Drama On The Flats


Chaos At The Flats On Ingram bay – Photo Smith Point Sea Rescue

Fellow Woody Boater and pal Knot That Jeff Gordon, and his with Shelbi… I know, not that Shelby, were out at the flats and were there to witness a disaster in progress.  And as always instructed, TAKE PHOTOS!   A huge thanks to Shelbi who took the photos so we can all go check our boats for cracks! Here is the dramatic story as it unfolded, with some pics.

Jeff and Shelbi were hanging out at the flats. HOT day and 2 feet of water make this a perfect spot.

It was windy with lots of waves

A great photo of Jeff’s Lyman – And yes I know this feels like click bait

They were coming towards us , I was in the water trying to make it to em. By the time I got to 20 yards they yelled “we are taking water fast” and jumped. Some chop came in and over the stern and bloop. Bow went straight up. Another wave came in and rolled it. We tried flipping it a bunch.

The small skiff that flipped over

Andy came out on his seadoo and we put a line to it to right it. Then I noticed an 18” split in the hull. And the transom was separated from the hull. Kid said his motor was failing and he was racing to the flats. They made it just in time.

Well that sucks, but the good news is they made it to the flats

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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    It threw me, also. I immediately think of the St Clair Flats portion of Harsens Island, but noticed the mention of Ingram Bay.


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