Welcome To Plastic Classic Day, Couple Of Days Or Week!

Here is the rendering that Bo did before he got to work on his dream lancer.

After seeing pics from this weekends great cruiser show in Washington, and seeing some amazing Commanders in Michigan, I thought. Hey, just because it’s made from plastic or metal does not mean it aint cool. There is that cool period into the 70’s were boat manufacturers still had style and tried to at least add some emotion into there designs. So today we start what we hope will be a fun week on Classic plastics. And first out of the gate is long time Woody Boater Bo Zollands amazing 1969 Lancer that he of course way over restored. All is new except hull/deck. Fixed all typical Lancer issues, sloppy fordeck, soft transom etc.The front compartment had a big round tank (same tank as 30s C-C) but now is a roomy stove away compartment, the new stainless tank is now in bottom of boat. Bo is an industrial designer and does amazing custom work. He has also just completed some very very cool design for Glastron. More on that later. Now for some more pics of Gretta.. BTW she is for sale. If you are interested here is Bo’s email mail@viztech.se and his website, HERE worth the click to just see some very cool design. And the website with the boat for sale. Here

Here is the real thing

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Oh I know how this game works with the header picture. Pick the one that doesn’t belong. I think they let Matt put his newest toy that lineup only because he was the guest speaker.

  2. Larry Forget
    Larry Forget says:

    ..YES, With the Heat Wave we need some Cool Colors for the week. Mid 60’s were Hot with the GLASSPAR brand. four national plants & many models have attrracted many collectors in the 2010’s.. 17 1/2 ft SEAFAIR Cuddy Cabin has sthe varnished bulkhead & front bunk cabin. A hit with grand-children for swim picnics or the over-nights.
    http://inlinethumb12.webshots.com/50827/2202778180099263945S500x500Q85.jpg moveable rear jump seats .
    A one owner estate find in town , has original Plaid curtains in the windows.. Same 67 OMC 60 HP .
    http://inlinethumb06.webshots.com/49029/2899923060099263945S600x600Q85.jpg ENJOY.

    • Paul h.
      Paul h. says:

      Larry – I really like these little pocket cruisers; we see a number of the Glasspar’s at the Sunnyland show every spring in Florida. I just bought a 1962 Lonestar Imperia for its’ 2 jump seats this past spring in Tavares. It is an 18′ cruiser with very similar features to the Sea Fair Sedan. I don’t have the heart to junk it, so who knows what I might do. I think there are very few of these around.

  3. tommy holmes
    tommy holmes says:

    the best thing about that Lancer is the Swedish flag.
    da mycket bra boaten. tak sa mycket

  4. Andy
    Andy says:

    I bet your readers would love a little history on the Lake N Sea line of fiberglass boats… An interesting history.. starting in Florida with the original Lakensea Boat Corperation (a division of Southern Plastic Corp.) which was sold in 1957 to the Chris-Craft Corperation… who in the midst of an apparent production move from Florida to Michigan, sold the Division off again to the Parsons Corperation in late 1957 / early 1958…

    The whole story is quite a crazy, confusing tale for sure! But seems to be very telling of the early fiberglass market, where production procedures were new and companys used to producing wooden boats were trying out this new fiberglass thing to see if they could turn a profit.

    I have a 1960 Parsons Corperation Lake N Sea Custom Carribean, albeit in pieces getting a transom replacement at the moment… I love varnish and wood… but it’s hard to pass up the futuristic stylings of the early fiberglass offerings!

  5. Jerri
    Jerri says:

    Count me in as LOVING to see classical glass at boat shows. They add a certain amount of excitement and diversity to an all-wood line up.

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