What Happened To The Boat Buzz? It’s Complicated-ish.


We play well together?

For our regular readers, who by the way hate change, it’s become time to change again. Sorry. But the digital universe and what and how people are getting information is changing, or has changed. BTW, we at Woody Boater are no different. Some parts of Woody Boater have just plain failed, or are obsolete. Our mission from the start has been simple. To provide a portal to the classic boat community. Free and open. With daily updates. A place for the real community to gather daily and check in, and check out whats going on.

Lots of parts

Okay, okay, what about the Boat Buzz? Well, it’s complicated, and sad. I LOVE the boat buzz, I am one of the first people to be part of it in fact, and had a crap load of comments there. I was even part of the first email trail that would happen before the boat buzz. Bill Basler designed the Boat Buzz to move the club forward, mixed it in with the archive and other elements to make the club digital. Okay, lets set that aside.

We have questions

New boards, new ideas, new passion are great for clubs, they provide a new look at things. And that is the cycle of change that has happened over the decades that we have been doing this. okay, around 14 years. The relationship with the ACBS, and the CCABC have been through many changes and ups and downs. Okay lets set that aside. I warned you its a tad complex.

The Ad!

With the latest change at the CCABC, new board, new questions, all healthy, the relationship with Woody Boater was called into question. The now famous “Dog Ad” clearly caused some behind the scenes crap. Okay. And so I got a bunch of behind the scenes crap. No boat in the ad? Why is Woody Boater there? How come WoodyBoater has two pages? Can we justify that? New president calls me and asks for stats to defend the partnership. All this while “George” who I know who it really is, jumps on Woody Boater and craps all over us and others in the most vile offensive attack in our 14 year history, and it all made me rethink the relationship to the point that while I was looking at what Woody Boater was providing for a two page ad, it dawned on me, wait…. What are the cubs doing for Woody Boater? mmmmmm, Drama, vile comments, behind the scenes drama.. And 120 clicks. 120, not 120,000, 120 last year. BTW, we sent around 30,000 last year. SET THIS ASIDE.

Sitting there rotting

Okay, the boat buzz. Its dead. someone asks a question and no one answers. So it just sits there, like a dead leg that should have been cut off years ago. We all know it. So. Set this aside.

Cool vintage mixer

NOW, mix it all together like a stew. Go ahead. And with the crappy comment from “George” and the questions about us and justifying our partnership, telling me what my ads need to be…. and it was all just too much. So, I sent them the stats, and also dug into WHAT ARE THE CLUBS DOING FOR US? And sadly, we could not justify the partnership based on a business choice. Partnerships have to work both ways to work. And clubs have a tendency to be one sided. And sorry again, are obsolete. Facebook made them obsolete. On any given day you can hit google and find whatever you need from an info perspective, and as to a brother/sisterhood thing, Facebook, Woody Boater and other resources are here.

This is fun? Right?

So, this is just the tip of the iceburg, and far far too much crap for a story, but you asked. And this is the truth and current situation with the page design. We are in the works to change up the design and mission of Woody Boater. After all thats all part of the fun. Its fun? Right? Right? this is fun? Right?

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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    I like how if you google chris craft boat club it comes up permanently closed and a street view of an ally in Iowa…. and if you look waaaaaay down the alley you can see A trailer with a Cobra and step gyro and a guy named George poring gasoline in it and himself too

  2. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    I think your doggie ad needs another page or two(true centerfold)I also love dumpster diving.Up here,we got a monster metal pile at the dump(we call it “the mall”,one can even find old boat trailers and boat parts.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I don’t know how “George” and CCABC got put into the same mixing bowl (other than timing) since I don’t even see that he is or was a member, but I do understand the total frustration.

    I must admit that this hobby is one of the most judgmental groups that I have ever been involved with, I guess that makes sense since it is a hobby that is based on judging an object to a 100 point standard.

    Maybe if we make a sacrifice to the boat god’s we can atone for our sins?

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      Troy, the entire hobby is not based on 100 point judging. Many of us just enjoy working on and mostly just using our boats as intended. We don’t even have them judged.

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:

        Greg: you are correct and the judgmental types don’t write, or often read, or comment on WoodyBoater, but their aura can still be felt.

        The user and cruiser groups are amazing fun people and I have made life long friendships that I will cherish forever.

        Sorry if my first comment came out wrong, now how about we all just GROUP HUG.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      His name is not “George” and he was or is a member and was or is on the board at one point. Painful crap.

  4. Texx
    Texx says:

    Anyone remember the days when everyone got along like a big family and worked together for a common goal? I sure do, and it was a glorious time.

    Sounds like things have changed – and you can’t blame that change on Facebook. – Texx

  5. Tom Gruenauer
    Tom Gruenauer says:

    This is just sad. I was taught buy the “older” members how to do this when I got into the hobby. Now I enjoy helping new people in the hobby. How does stuff like this help promote the hobby?
    I understand change for the good. this I don’t get.

  6. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Boat buzz should have been an area of the ccacb website that was free to access from the start. If you’re real mission is to grow the hobby, people need free access these days. I go to lots of forums, and all of them are free. It’s about connecting people and sharing information.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    The Boat Buzz is a Chris Craft property. And I agree, should be an open forum. But needs to be managed and fed. No different than many other platforms. With that said, the Boat buzz was designed to be universal and be not just Chris craft talk. The real value of the boat buzz now is search. if you google any topic on Chris craft stuff, the buzz comes up and that is part of its design. If it was open and free I would be more than happy to include it again.

  8. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I choose to be a pirate.

    And as an “advertising professional” I think the Bruiser ad is brilliant.

    • Stenz Lake Minnetonka
      Stenz Lake Minnetonka says:

      I agree with Rabbit, I am not an “advertising professional” & the Bruiser ad is perfect! Last, we all need to be a pirate now & then….
      Keep up the great work matt!

  9. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    Maybe you can support dannenbergs forum
    It’s crickets there lately with few new posts but plenty of great data searching Thor older posts

    But don’t poke the bear

  10. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Drama, with a side of more drama.
    Too much and it kills the fun. Kills clubs and participation too. Or any interest in becoming part of a hobby group.
    Too much time on your hands and you have too much time to add to the drama.
    Stop thinking and grab a screwdriver, a piece of sandpaper, look for something to do, anything at all besides adding to the drama.
    Put your passions to work and share the help. Add more to your day by making someone feel better and share the knowledge.
    Divisive politics are killing our country and the media adds more flames to the fire daily.
    Aren’t you all getting just plain worn out with it?
    Take a deep breath, grab some friends and go for a boat ride.
    No drama there.
    Unless you get towed in of course! 😄

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      M-fine – No one will see this because it’s a next-day comment; I don’t think it was that CCABC moved their presence to FB, as much as it was that their FB presence, purpose and identity was appropriated by others, and it was allowed to happen unchallenged.

      During the latter stages of my involvement, I believed that CCABC should have developed a moderated and controlled FB presence to drive traffic to the club website, where access to a memberhip-based value proposition could be on offer. This did not happen – I am not being critical and I assuredly did not know exactly how do do this, but the FB page remained un-moderated and the membership value offering was not modified, improved or made more attractive. In this way, dialogue and routine inquiries moved from Boat Buzz to FB, and in my opinion was a significant contributing factor to the current state of Boat Buzz.

      I am not a member of the CCABC and have not been for a few years, but it seems to me that the club offers pretty much the same suite of benefits that it did 1o years ago, with little change. That is not sufficient in today’s rapidly changing world.

      I stopped using FB in roughly 2015/16 because I had seen what it was becoming and wanted no further part of it. I was clearly in the minority and developers of FB are much smarter than I, and they realized that it could provide something that billions of people evidently needed, although these billions were unaware of this need until they tried it – like many other things in life, not all of them healthy or productive.

  11. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The Boat Buzz was the most valuable asset the CCABC ever had. It was the reason I first joined the club, and the online store of information and exchange of ideas was the future of the club.

    Unfortunately, too many people thought Facebook was a way to reach a bigger and younger audience. They couldn’t have been more wrong. By moving too much of their presence to Facebook, the club diminished the value of the Buzz and it withered and died.

    Now, complaining about an ad and questioning the value of a long time supporter? Seriously? Are they trying to intentionally kill the club?

  12. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    The good ole’ days at the CCABC weren’t so good – and memories can provoke halcyon, wistful but inaccurate recollections. I was on the BOD of CCABC for about 6 years, starting in early 2012 when the club was worse than dormant. It had two issues of the Bell produced but not mailed, it had no money and it had a huge list of delinquent payables and it had not filed its’ tax returns for at least two years – the wolves were at the door.. Do those sound like the good times to anyone? How it got to that point is irrelevant, 9+ years later.

    A salvage effort was mounted, a new board put in place and the club was righted, but only through a huge volunteer effort and collaboration by many in the hobby – Katz, ACBS, WB, Hagerty and Chris Craft to name a few. If there were good ole’ days, these may have been them – open collaboration and clarity with many elements of the hobby united in an effort to stabilize and preserve the CCABC, which was worse than insolvent at the end of 2011.

    A club has to offer a value proposition, and at the time Boat Buzz was providing value, was well trafficked and combined with the archive, supported discourse and information exchange between members. When I bought my first wood boat in 2007 I was on it daily and it was very important to me. But times evidently changed and I have noted the Boat Buzz is almost dormant, likely undermined by FB and a lack of direction or purpose in its management.

    What has the CCABC done to provide a value proposition to members and protect and grow Boat Buzz as an active and useful forum? I am not aware of much beyond the Brass Bell, to be honest. if they can’t provide a value proposition to members, how can they do so to sponsors, like WB and others? The deal between WB and CCABC was almost charity from WB to start, then designed as a cross-pollination effort between platforms. If it is no longer working out that way, it is time for things to change.

    Keen observers will likely note that WB’s list of sponsors and the visibility of them changes over time, but scarcely a mention is made by the regular denizens. Is this any different?

    Matt can run his WB site the way he likes (he has no members to whom he is accountable), and he deserves credit for supporting CCABC over all these years, in my opinion. The CCABC Board has some questions to ask themselves before they ask Matt anything. Starting with “how did WE get to where we are today and what are we going to do?”

    I didn’t even read the “George”comment before it was killed, but I think he should concern himself more with the current state of the CCABC and a path forward, than he should the speedily receding past. Perhaps his rancorous enmity and energetic spew can be redirected at contributing to a positive outcome for the CCABC? Probably not, the pulpit of anonymity is likely preferable to effort and visibility.

  13. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    This is very sad. When don ayers, Paul Harrison, and I, and then some others took over running the club from basler to save it, strengthening our relationship with woody boater, acbs, and others was a high priority. We also recognized the great value of boat buzz.

    There was an element of small mindedness in the club but we were able to manage around it.I am sorry to hear that it may now be in ascendancy. If so, what a shame.

  14. Doug
    Doug says:

    Not to be crude, but the notion of a club worried about its “dog to boat” ratio in printed ads reminds me of the ant floating on its back down the river that’s worried about his “manhood” being clipped by the upcoming bridge.

  15. Grant Sinclair
    Grant Sinclair says:

    How about a new forum called Doggie Boater, for these “Ruff times” we live in?
    There would be more pics and stories than you could possibly publish. Now then, back to the wooden boats.

  16. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    And by the Header today I thought the discussion would be about the sound of WECATCHUM ‘s exhaust with the new engine… What was the eventual decision on the exhaust?

  17. mahoganymadness
    mahoganymadness says:

    Frankly I get much more entertainment from your site on a daily basis than I get from any other boat site…FOR FREE!!!..I have been on board of a local ACBS chapter and will never do it again DRAMA…

    • Jim Holler - NVA
      Jim Holler - NVA says:

      I would agree, I look at this site everyday and enjoy the back & forth.
      I was on the ACBS international board for 9 years back in the 80’s & early 90’s and the politics (drama) were tuff to handle.
      The less structure the better, keep it going Woody boater

  18. Berlin Büro
    Berlin Büro says:

    This is wild. From an advertising perspective, if it’s your money and creative, you can advertise whatever you want. Period. It’s up to the broadcaster/advertiser themselves to determine if that ad fits their brand. To be clear I love the Bruiser ad, I love all the WB ads. They all remind me that there’s joy and happiness in the world beyond what we see on TV, the news, etc. And most importantly it sparks some nostalgia in an otherwise gloomy current world situation.

    But if people want to gatekeep the community and their expectations of what is happening, then they can go make their own. Fuck ’em. You see this more and more online with any hobby/fandom/community. I’ve even mentioned this trend on other WB drama posts. You should see the crap comments we get for TV shows and streaming platforms – we take turns at work moderating them because it’s so toxic so content that’s meant to entertain people. Gatekeepers and keyboard-warriors are destroying what makes anything fun online because they themselves are miserable.

    An a separate note, if all you got was 120 clicks from them and they’re getting excessive traffic from WB, start charging on a CPC + time-on-site basis and see the heads roll if they wanna play games. That’s the state of online advertising!

    What makes WB great is the accessibility to all points of the hobby, all the players, brands, companies, clubs etc. But if certain aspects don’t wanna play nice, cut them out. The last thing you want is new people in the hobby being instantly alienated or else the hobby will die.

  19. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Matt, whatever happens with this latest kerfuffle, please do not ad “spell check” to Woody Boater. I like the mind games I have to play every day trying to figure out what you and others meant to type. The sun’s up (well actually behind clouds in Wisconsin now) and its another great day. Peace

  20. Mark
    Mark says:

    I think Texx nailed it.

    FB did not kill the buzz. People will always find good sources of information.

    When the topic experts stopped responding and were replaced by others then it went downhill.

  21. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    RiverRat Supports Woody Boater. Never been on that other club site. Lymans all the way. Matt do what I do. Whatever I want.

  22. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    At one time and maybe still, I was among the top ten Buzz posters….felt like I got help and helped people too. But things change and at my age no sense bemoaning that. While I agree with Matt and Troy and Paul et. al. I am Going Boating, Today…..and not sweating this.

    Thanks to all, John in Va.

    • Frank@Falmouth
      Frank@Falmouth says:

      yes John you WILL be “sweating it” today… with temps expected near 90 degrees today… but sweating on a boat is what its all about 🙂 enjoy!

  23. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Its amazing how the “Karens” have taken over the world while most people disagree or ignore “Karen’s” message, the media loves it for the “clicks” or viewers it generates.

  24. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Love the Bruiser ad! Keep up the good work. Matt, you have done so much to support and encourage the wooden boat community, without recognition, compensation or support. Hang in there and put Zip in your next two page spread…

  25. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    People love to decry drama and conflict, but it’s a required and formulaic element in “reality” and other kinds of TV, the media and everywhere else. It appears that those who despise it also consume it…..it’s like using beautiful woman to sell products. It is frowned upon and castigated for all kinds of reasons, but it remains ubiquitous. Drama, either real or imagined, fits this mold. It gets attention, it gets clicks and that is the simple reason it is pervasive.

    Personally, I think doing away with anonymous postings would go along way to encouraging more respectful conversation, while not limiting content – it would make people accountable for what they publicly post and I see no harm in that. I have never made an anonymous post on WB and I have never had a reason to hide my identity. I fail to see the point in anonymous posting on a forum like this.

    • Tuobanur (Terry Limehouse)
      Tuobanur (Terry Limehouse) says:

      I find more often than not, the people who talk all the crap and hide behind there anonymous usually suffer from SDS.

      And just in case you don’t know who I am from my screen name….. 🙂

  26. BT
    BT says:

    Yes Matt, Keep the faith. You are my first click in the morning and I enjoy the dog / concrete driveway / custom mailbox / workbench backsplash / oh and boat stories all the same. My job yesterday was to hang this 14′ Dumphy in the entryway of the freshly remodeled Moonlite Bay. That’s the fun in life, not worrying about dog ads in boat magazines. PLEASE. keep up the great work, BT

  27. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Like I mentioned in a previous comment, “Woodyboomer”!
    Legacy high school quarrel mentality does not help the (friendly/fun) perception of this hobby.
    Cut the Sh%t, and keep it fun and educational, or us younger folks will look elsewhere. Matt your dogs are cool! They are part of the spirit of this wood boat culture.

  28. Dave
    Dave says:

    In summation, where do we go from here? Lots of good points and observations and random tangents being displayed. Tomorrow will find a similar mix. What voices count the most?

  29. H.A. Pete Laurence
    H.A. Pete Laurence says:

    Paul, I was looking for your comment which is always fruitful. Matt, you are probably much better and more experienced at placing ADS, so, although difficult, forget about them. But, please, don’t forget about this site — you have a large audience waiting every day.
    God Bless.

  30. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice the Chris-Craft’s on BOTH covers of the last two issues of the BRASS BELL were incorrectly identified?

    • Tommyholm
      Tommyholm says:

      DrRot, those were Hackers, it’s an all inclusive club, no cult secrets, no kool aid, no divine leader, just boats that float.

    • Frank@Falmouth (Frank Eggert)
      Frank@Falmouth (Frank Eggert) says:

      I was expecting Staib to post the photo of Jaxxon pooping in the snow! 🙂
      PS That was meant to be funny…
      and I like the dog aspects of WoodyBoater, but may have to start something because Cats are not being represented!

  31. Hamster
    Hamster says:

    Hey do you know there is an actual boat show this weekend in Seabrok Tx.
    Keels and Wheels it should be fun and I am looking forward to see some old friends and making some new ones.
    Lets focus on the future positive things in life !

  32. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    While I have learned some good info from regularly reading The Boat Buzz, I found Don Danenberg’s site the absolute best whenever I needed how-to info or to determine what is correct. Don is a wealth of information and shares it freely and there are many other knowledgeable people on the site that also share info when needed and his archive is a treasure trove of info.

    • Dave
      Dave says:

      I have found most of the top shelf restorers are more than happy to share their wisdom as it pertains to a specific question or opinion. A zoom forum involving several of them would be a real treat.

  33. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Lots of great comments! Certainly an interesting read today. Good to hear from Texx, why do I assume that Reg reads the column every day? Time for me to publicly thank Don A, Paul H, and Don V, my neighbor for the resurrection years ago of CCABC.
    Let’s go boating… read on!

    The Seattle Yacht Club canceled the first Saturday in May Opening Day of the boating season for the second year in a row due to the pandemic. A reasonable decision for them because the complexity of the event. There will be a Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Unofficial “Linear Cruise” Saturday around Lake Union happening at noon. The PNW chapter of ACBS will have some of our members participating. If boaters choose to have a “linear cruise”, there is no registration, parade permit, etc, required, you’re all invited!

    • Don vogt
      Don vogt says:

      Thanks Ron. Kind of you to say. Hope maybe to see you at the cda show in sept. We are keeping our fingers crossed on that!

  34. Jack Thee Boat Hack
    Jack Thee Boat Hack says:

    I still haven’t spend the effort to find a good web forum on CC (only 1/2 year into my first boat), but I won’t bother with Boat buzz. I worked with a couple dog clubs (true) as a parliamentarian, and some are really nasty people, online and at meetings. One theory is that the breeders are so competitive in the show ring, they bring it to the meetings. I now turn down the work. Sounds like some boat communities are becoming that way.

  35. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    In reference to the picture of the 2 dogs showing teeth . My 2 boys tangle from time to time and it is scary and unsetting to say the least. But they get over it , stop fighting, kiss each other and smell each others butts then move on. Somehow a new understanding will ensue .

    • Briant
      Briant says:

      I hope to God you are not hinting that Democrats and Republicans should kiss and then sniff butts after an argument?

  36. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Wait, let me get this straight…you pay them for a centerfold, two-page ad, and then gladly accept the money and print your ad, then turn around and give you shit about the ad? WTF. I personally look forward to WB everyday! I love wood and wood boats…I grew up with them, had one several years ago and hope and pray that I get another one before they plant me. Matt, you do a great job, the CC club can, as Fonzy used to say, go sit on it!!

    • tommyholm
      tommyholm says:

      no one ever stated that a payment was made for the ad, unless I’m mistaken. therein lies the rub.

      • Jimmy
        Jimmy says:

        Well, that’s a thought…hadn’t thought of that…but I’ve never heard of free advertising…but if they didn’t charge him, that could explain their financial difficulties…just sayin….

      • Jimmy
        Jimmy says:

        Never thought it might be free…I’ve never heard of free two page advertisement…But that could explain the clubs difficult financial position…just sayin’

  37. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Good one Steve,

    You sum it all up.

    Perhaps we can start this all over again, for the sake of the antique boats ?

    It really MUST be about the boats, to maintain their legacy.

  38. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Ya, well see,
    It SHOULD be about the “Boats” and not just who, or whom, currently just owns them ?

    You, yourself, as owner of this ‘property’, could just OWN and construct them …, ?

    Or, direct your ‘crew’ ?

    Denis, Call me, I’ll even allow that you let “Dog-Paws” on your Covering boards ?

  39. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I want to know what Buster thinks about this, after all it was his photo that started this. By the way that is a great photo that I hope you reuse often.

  40. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    What the “Dog” thinks about this??

    Whom do you think was ‘Buster’, around about when these boats were built ?


  41. Don vogt
    Don vogt says:

    The arrangement we had was wb advertising in the brass bell was payment for wb hosting the boat buzz. Sounds like wb is getting the short end of the stick and why should the club care what Matt puts in his ad. The club has a lot bigger issues to be concerned about, imho.

  42. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’m in no position to comment, as I’ve not subscribed to The Brass Bell for a number of years and was unaware the Boat Buzz was available anywhere else… All I know is I look forward to Woody Boater every day and truly appreciate (and am amazed) at content Matt provides on a daily basis. As for the animals we enjoy – here’s our cat deciding he has priority over the Red&White in the background… 😉

    • Don Palmer
      Don Palmer says:

      OK, all I can say is … the cat is real and there really is a red and white in the background… hard to see. Dick is Mr Red and White in this neck of the woods. This is his second one and he is currently installing a 454 after he pulled the Crown Royal and sold it to a friend.

    • Don Palmer
      Don Palmer says:

      OK Don, First of all, I greatly respect you. I have never met you, but I know you have helped a lot of people put a new bottom on their boats. Here is a picture of Dick Dow with his Red and White. Notice he has everything he needs… a beer and his cell phone!

    • Don Palmer
      Don Palmer says:

      First of all Don, I greatly respect what you have done to provide many people with the ability to put a new bottom on their boats. Thank You for that. Dick loves his cat but here is his Red and White.

  43. Troy in ANE (Troy Hersom former CCABC president)
    Troy in ANE (Troy Hersom former CCABC president) says:


    Over 75 comments, haven’t seen that for a while.

    As a retired CCABC administrator and board member I would like to invite all that have commented about how the club SHOULD be run to volunteer your time and resources. The club is always looking for people with good ideas and energy to guide it into its next stage of existence.

    It makes me sad to see two great partners facing such troubled times.

  44. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Former President Troy, the divine leader has declared the club obsolete. It’s now just about clicks and half naked chicks.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      OK – as I went to bed last night I swore I was done with this drama and to let it go, unfortunately my brain won’t shut off.

      WB askes “So, I sent them the stats, and also dug into WHAT ARE THE CLUBS DOING FOR US?”

      To which one can answer: A two page center-fold ad in the premier magazine in the hobby. IMHO it is not just about clicks.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        Yes Troy! You are right, and I did count that into the trade agreement. if you notice in the story I mentioned it reaches 1500 people. 4 times a year. Thats 6,000 impressions. To the same 1500 people. Media is about Reach and Frequency. It reached 1500 people 4 times. Woody Boater reaches 200,000 people a year, 4,000 times a day. One is open and free, the other is a club. This is not to disparage the CCABC reach. Its focused and solid. The 1500 people are 100% into the culture and therefore a pure target. BUT, are they migrating over to WB to read? Yes, and so it seemed to be a fare agreement. This is more about politics, crap and how clubs are one sided.. Give give give. Is there a take? Information? Brotherhood? Focused lobbying? What is the value? That has changed over the past 10 years, and not sure if the clubs have found a solution yet. I will give a knd to the ACBS, they have stepped it up. Even looking to hire a part time social marketing person. SMART.

        • Troy in ANE
          Troy in ANE says:

          Thanks Matt for the update, I am sorry but I don’t find those stats in the story, I only see reference to 120 clicks.

          More importantly I have stressed to everyone involved that I personally was introduced to CCABC through WB. (I don’t like to admit it but I was introduced to WB through a post from my brother on FaceBook.)

          IMHO: WB has been bringing a huge value CCABC over the years, so I always felt the exchange was more than fair to the club.

  45. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Meanwhile in New Zealand…. ahhh it’s a beautiful day, wanna go for a ride in a Century?

  46. thomas d
    thomas d says:

    2021 was the first time in over 25 years that i didn’t renew my membership. WB is usually the last thing i look at every night, save the best for last.

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