What Iz It? Let’z Pleaze Help John.

Just a guy and his Cobra head

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater John Stein for supplying us with another episode of What Iz It.It’z been a while since we have had some fun with the great unknown. but as with anything, it’s only unknown til someone that knows what it iz! And so I pass this note on to you all to fill the sad void in John’s heart of knowledge. Okay, that got a little deep. maybe not all that believable. I mean I don’t think John is up at night wondering who am I, my boat? my life? Does it have any meaning? Or then again. Maybe? So please help John out. Here is Johns plea for a good nights sleep

Bitch’n Dash

Some gnarly seats. Love the pleating


The gas pedal of all gas pedals

California sunsets on the PCH are wonderful moments.

The little sharp part of the bow may be a clue

Old photo

Might any Woody Boater readers be able to help ID this hull? I bought it in 2018 from the nephew of original builder, reportedly a San Jose, CA assembly plant engineer for Ford. It’s titled as a 16’ 1970 homebuilt. Power is a 289 Ford running through a V-drive.

Woody Boater Here -There are a bunch of brands that it could be, all of them kinda looked the same but I am sure there are enough differences to tell them apart. This is not my world, or would make any sense where I live. But if I lived in California it sure would be

The nephew thought it was built from Glen L plans but the shape doesn’t appear in Glen L catalogs of the period. I sent photos to a helpful lady at Glen L and she replied it’s not one of their designs. Thus…anyone recognize this shape? Thanks for any clues!
Best regards to the most excellent Woody Boater family,
John Stein

Thanks John, we are not worthy my most excellent brother!

If you want to dive into the deep okay flat bottom world of California drag boats, its endless and insane cool. But the one great article on the topic is from an old pal and co worker Dan Stoner from Hemmings Motor News. CLICK HERE and be transported to our youth! I can smell the exhaust already. I cant hear them anymore. Who used ear plugs back then!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Always fun to have a “What IZ IT?”.

    Does that trailer have a removable tongue or is it simply fold-able.

    Gotta LOVE those drag boats!

  2. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    My guess it’s a Bieseymeyer, mfg. in California in the 60s. It’s been modified to accommodate the cover over the eng. noticed it has a Hal Craft V drive, very noisy. I had the same trailer under my 60s Campbell flat bottom.

  3. Briant
    Briant says:

    Holy crap.

    I cannot imagine spending a hot day on the water in this thing as it is. With that throttle pedal set up, one would lose all of their skin on the heel of their right foot. I have never seen a setup like that with the pedal below the floor wood.

    And those seats. Jeezus. Sand and water would pool up in all of those pleats and folds, actually which one would never really notice because they will be at hospital getting skin grafts on their ass after the super heated material gave them third degree burns.

    But hey, at least the boat may go pretty fast and be a blast.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Glen-L Missile as Keith Brayer said, Here’s construction details from plans the match transom exactly. A production flatbottom v-drive transom had more elegant radius to the tumblehome. So definitely a user built boat.

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Flat bottom v drive boats! I remember seeing those run on Lake Monroe in Indiana in the Early 7os. Cool, fast, and loud. You could definitely tell them from the big block jet boats. Neat find, Im glad it was identified so quickly. Hope to see pictures of it on the water soon.

  6. John L. Stein
    John L. Stein says:

    Wow, you guys are good! No, greeaat! (Roared Tony the Tiger after first discovering Woody Boater.) The above photo from the Hon. Floyd R Turbo nails it; how many other boats could possibly flaunt (boast, rock, strut?) a transom and chines like these? So like, I may be passable at punctuation but I’m a sketchy bet for returning this boat to the flat waters of smoggy So-Cal, where the alcohol content of pump gas far surpasses the drinks. This is only my third entanglement with wood boat ownership, after the near purchase of a 1955 Chris-Craft Cobra 18 in 1981, and later buying a withered 1960 Chris-Craft 17 Ski Boat in 1985. Both ended in tears…that I let ‘em go. Gonna try again this year tho with help from fellow Woody Boater Scott Young. Will update as apropos down the road, er ramp. Thank you all!

  7. Bert
    Bert says:

    Here in Holland on market place a California Stevens fkflat bottom is draging my view again and again. Keep telling myself no comfort no comfort 😂

    But for the what iz it boat…No usefull register data behind that cf number registration ?

  8. Gayle Brantuk
    Gayle Brantuk says:

    John–I’m the one that told you I didn’t think it was one of ours but lo and behold, these guys may be right that it’s our Missile. That design is no longer in our hard-copy catalog but it is on our site. Sorry about that. We just saw a Glen-L Hot Rod that was built in the early 60’s here in California and it had that exact detail on the bow–painted avocado green of course! Nice article!

    • John L. Stein
      John L. Stein says:

      Hi Gayle, I remember how nice you were to look at the pictures; thanks again. Your new intel that the Missile is online but not in the catalogs may help tons. Hope I got that right. Anyway, will look pronto. Is the Woody Boater community sharp or what? Have been wondering about this ID issue for over a year and WB answered it in mere hours.

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