What Was Your Kairos Summer Ride?

Some moments are frozen in our memories

Every year around this time and seem to only remember one amazing ride. And it’s never the one you think it will be when you go out. The ride becomes magical for a myriad of reasons. Sunset, engine performance, the company, location etc. It can be funny because its not about perfection, but more about the moment. The Kairos of it. I pray I am using this term correctly. Then again, my spelling is so awful you would never know, nor would I. Am I talking about the Kairos of the liver? Or is that serous? Or maybe its the Creosote of the? Oh god this entire line of thinking has left the building and is now out having a smoke with the others. Where was I?

Slow rides

One with natures pulse

Love is timeless

And click, its stopped and yet over.

Oh ya, your perfect summer ride. Up til today, my amazing summer ride of 2022, the one I will dram about and will keep me warm all winter is the night the Boatrss and I putt putted out and the sun was setting, and the Dolphins were playing. Ahhhhhh what a  timeless moment. There. Thats better.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    I had to look up Kairos…

    “Kairos is a dangerous time. It is critical to recognize it, for if you allow it to pass the loss will be immeasurable.”

    Sounds like you nailed it Matt.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It is nice to follow the boat of a legend. Means even more now that he has left us. A memory from our 100th anniversary Algonac party!

  3. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    It’s etched in my brain for sure.

    And please don’t use the term “creosote”. It reminds me that I had a summer job working for the public works department during college. One week I was dropped off at the last remaining wooden bridge in town with a broom brush and twenty 5-gallon buckets of creosote. I had to coat the whole thing with that toxic stuff. Amazing that I’m still alive.

    (BTW: My home town was Baraboo, Wisconsin, where the Ringling Brothers Circus was founded. The bridge was built by the circus to move those glorious circus wagons to the circus train. And my dad’s old Ford dealership was in the building where the wagons were originally made. That must be why I love wood and craft.)

  4. briant
    briant says:

    One Kairos ride?

    They are ALL Kairos rides for me as each one was different, great and memorable!

    There was the one where my youngest and I were sitting up front and the oldest and Mum were in the back getting drenched…

    There was the one ride with both of my kiddos zooming along the high mountain lake watching the bald eagle watch us while soaring…

    There was the one ride of me motoring back to the cabin after having finally caught a damn fish at six in the morning on that first trip….

    There was the first ride a few weeks back with our new foster daughter…

    There was the one with my youngest at the helm learning the ropes and he looked over to ask me where we should be headed, and I told him that as he was driving, he was the one to take us where he wanted to go….That small grin he flashed said it all….

    They are all damn good rides and I will recall them all with joy and serenity as I look out the window to see it raining yet again over this winter. Man, I ain’t ready for winter….

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    There were so many. Despite health issues, many boats were in and used extensively. Which means, the summer went on.

    Now that my kids are older, some of the best (I imagine) are those where I’m not even aboard.

    Example, here’s my daughter Marion, not aboard her namesake 25’ Sportsman (Marion E) but aboard Lush Life, my ‘46 22-U.

    The best part about this ride is that: 1) I wasn’t there — someone else took this pic — I was delighted/proud to see it weeks afterward; 2) I’m comfortable not being there, because she knows how to handle all my boats very well (although she has yet to climb Mt. Scripps in my other Sportsman); 3) She’s my daughter, and at least I got this part right.

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