What Would You Do? 1933 Robinson SeaGull With A Surprise Inside!

Stunning boat

Thanks to fellow WoodyBoater Scott Ales for sending us in this listing from St Clair Yacht Sales. A 1933 Cruiser. Yes it’s stunning, and price drop of $300K. Okay, ya.. That’s not the point of the story. look deeper into it and it has a V12 Scripps Engine with 200 hrs on it.  Yup, now your head is twirling. See, What would you do? Really? HONESTLY, You can post anonymous today.

Wayne Davis Photography / RM Auctions – NOT THE ACTUAL ENGINE. No image of the engine was included in the listing. mmmmm


Yank that engine out in a nano second. Throw it into a lets say a “25 Sportsman” and change up the fun factor of a 25 Sportsman,

Irene on Lake Hopatcong back in the day. REAL STORY

Make up a story about how Joe Somebody hot rodded it in the 40’s Yada yada, and throw a 454 into the Sea Gull. NO ONE would miss it. The cruiser would be awesome, reliable and fun, the Sportsman same, and maybe worth more.


To be brutal here, this is like throwing a Sub Zero fridge and Viking Range in a Modular home. The home is the killer. NOW NOW NOW. Put down your torches. Dang you all are sensitive today. The design of the Seagull is stunning, BUT..well, to use a real estate term,  “Spaciously obsolete”.  No babes laying out on the deck, no cocktail parties. What ever the design of the boat . NON of which need that engine.

Like a little apartment on the back of the boat

Okay Okay, that was the Devil on my shoulder. Here is the other side.

The Scripps is the heart and soul of this boat. It is quite possibly the reason she is still alive. She has been lovingly cared for, for over 30 years by the same owner. That engine is the boat and ripping it out would be a death sentence to the boat. I don’t know who that guy was at the top of this story who wanted to yank that engine. What is he thinking? Start a Lake Taxi Service, or if you live like in the Thousand Islands, its perfect. Just imagine her in your boat house. To hell with rainy grey days like today! You are Woody Boating and keeping the Scripps oiled up like a butter on a turkey…mmmm  For me to get her and YANK that engine!

No one would know.

Killer logo and graphics

Beautiful Lines

YOU CAN SEE THE LISTING RIGHT HERE! Value of the engine alone – $25,000 -$50,000

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Looks like you found the perfect engine upgrade for Stinky. Just need to figure out how to dispose of the hull before the Boatress notices you bought another boat.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    This is a stunning boat. The owner is a wonderful gentleman and brought her up to our Algonac show two or three times a while back. I wondered what happened to her. She is a special class of cruiser and I hope she goes to a new owner that will appreciate her. We can throw in a free registration to next year’s Algonac show to keep her in our blue water area!

      • Greg Lewandowski
        Greg Lewandowski says:

        A shameless lead deserves a shameless plug!
        We would love to have Isabella join us for Boat the Blue. One of the photos in the listing was taken at the River Street Marina, the site of the show in Port Huron, so she has been there before.
        Check out the banner on the left side of the page and join us for the fun!

  3. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:


    From the Yachtworld listing description…

    She is powered by a single new, NOT REBUILT, Scripps V-12 gas engine. The displacement is 896 cubic inches with 316 HP. The replacement Scripps originated from Harrids Museum in Lake Tahoe and purchased from Peter Hinkel of Harsens Island, Michigan. The new engine has less than 240 hrs of running time.

  4. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    For those who didn’t notice the offer price now…

    Price drop! Originally listed at $325,000 now only $34,500

  5. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    I don’t get it! The values of everything seems to be going up with the exception of old wooden cruisers. We need more young people with an interest in antique cruisers.

    • Andy in Middletown
      Andy in Middletown says:

      Well. This young guy is Dan F… but I’m more of an Owen’s Cruiser, or Cruiser under 50 K kind of guy. Even though I have no student loans, this 36 year old has a young family and shoot, buying a cruiser who’s purchase price is double the purchase price of my 1960s rancher… well you just cant get there from here. We don’t need young guys into cruisers, we need 60+ year olds to buy this so a few times so it’ll be around when I’m at the pinnacle of my life, career, and purchase power.

      • Dennis Mykols
        Dennis Mykols says:

        Good point, and I hope that someone will step up and save this old girl, for the younger guys like Dan F to grow into the position to step up when ready.

  6. Briant
    Briant says:

    Well, not to be a downer, but the main thing I see regarding the big cruisers are homes for the homeless, those that don’t want to be on the streets.

    On the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, we have many big old boats….and they are 99% lived on by homeless people. The City Council had to make a new law saying that the boats had to be moved every thirty days. The local law enforcement can’t do squat and the locals that live on the expensive houseboats in the area constantly complain of poop and trash floating down the river.

    The homeless are the only ones that will take over ownership of these big boats….until they trash and sink them.

    I know a few young peo0le that would love to live on a big cruiser, but the costs both for the boat itself and the moorage are asinine. My family sold a perfect 36’ CC years back for a measly $4000…and we were lucky as hell. Nobody wanted the poor thing.

    These crafts need to be saved and loved, but with local City Councils like Portland not giving a rats butt about the river that runs straight thru the heart of the city and a long and rich maritime history, nothing will ever be done to make it easier for folks to own and or live on these beauties.

    They could have an innovative thought once in awhile and perhaps envision something like a safe, affordable floating town close to the big city that would attract young people to own, care for and live on these boats.

  7. Anonymous......
    Anonymous...... says:

    Maybe this isn’t the right place to detail just how much $$$$ we spent rebuilding our Scripps V12 for PERLITA TOO…suffice it to say this would be a VERY cheap backup motor to put on the shelf for the future….

    • Riva Della
      Riva Della says:

      Ehhh, no thanks.
      Matt, you can have it for your new Sportsman….
      This would really give Jimmy something to do…..

  8. tom gibbons
    tom gibbons says:

    35 grand? this things gotta be rougher than it looks.even with storage and mooring costs the boat could be the buy of the year.yank the motor and bulldoze the rest,you still get your moneysworth.or even use it for a season, than scrap it.seriously, i’d love to have it,if it’s what they say it is.partnership’s the way to go with something like this.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      THe boat is very nice. Like I said though, spacialy obsolete, but most old homes are. You may find you like the boat and its history.

  9. Ducraft
    Ducraft says:

    Last rebuild on a Scripps V12 we did ran appropriately $45K. Great local shop Zakirus in Fairfax. Herb Hall consulted from his great experience on the custom pistons, previous rebuild missed some strokes. Awesome motor, just to throttle her is exhilarating. Fun, fun fun. Beautiful tumblehome, great story Scott!

  10. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    I asked the broker if anyone called from this exposure. Sadly not. So I did the most responsible thing i could think of, we made an offer of $33k. Just to take off the edge of expenses.

    Waiting to hear back….

  11. Bob Miller
    Bob Miller says:

    The most classic Robinson Sea Gull was the ‘JUDITH R’. Bob Speltz included a picture of her in ‘Real Roundabouts’. She was exported to England for rebuild. She now serves as a B&B on the Thames.

  12. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    Flying up this Friday morning, returning that same afternoon. $135 via Spirit Airlines….

    Hope I make it back!

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