What You Read On Woody Boater. Hey, You Asked.


A top favorite photo – Katzs Marina

Well, it seems like we are doing a full report on Woody Boater this weekend. I will try and pepper gratuitous pictures of your favorite boats to keep the story moving. Yesterday some asked about readers and what they read, where are they from and where do they go. So here goes. Hey you asked. But it is interesting in a kinda replace a bottom kinda way.

Barrel Back Barn find was a massive favorite – BTW, for us as well

So here is the not big surprise. You like boats. Yeah, just photos of boats. Barrel back boats get the most clicks, by far, then Chris Craft Rivieras. All the John Allen massive dream boats get clicks as to the Lee Anderson stuff.

This one broke the internet, and is now framed at Lee’s place. Very proud of that.

Anything in the Katzs Marina clean room is a reader favorite, and sorry all you PC people. Babes. Any bit of skimpy dressed wholesome women get clicks. Hey! It is what it is.

This one shot from Bob Kays has it all, Cool boat, Main Lake Market and …and… a hat!

The two top click features on Woody Boater are the Boat Buzz with over 30,000 clicks in a year. Then number 2 is…… Ebay listings. That’s right, you like the ebay featured stories. And many of you have purchased from through us on ebay.

Sold on ebay! Rare Gar Wood thingamagig!

In fact most of the stuff we feature sells to you. We have a tracking system with ebay. 9,000 clicks. Our sponsors at the top, Freedom, Katzs, Sierra and Hagerty, ACBS, Graves, Halls, Mahogany Outfitters average around 3,500 With Hagerty on the lower end.

The WECATCHEM restoration at Katzs was a huge clicker

All this is not based on interest, but where the banner is and why you would go there. It makes sense. The brokers have boats that change, Boat Buzz is updated stuff, and insurance is not. So we measure  that in impressions. Around 1,500 -2,000 of you come each day and click on around 4,000 – 5,000 things a day. Around 2 million clicks a year. Here are yesterdays stats. Kinda normal.

Its great to have readers from far away places.

82.88% USA – Michigan is the largest group, then NY, NJ, Minnesota, California, Florida, and so on. Wyoming is dead last. As always.
8.09% Canada
1.17% Australia
.97% from UK
.77% from Sweden
.66% Germany
.43% Netherlands
.43% Norway
.38% France
.38% New Zealand

Phil “Duster” from New Zealand and another crowd favorite, The Blue Arabian

Man if you made it through that you are better than me at it. All other sponsors get around 500 to 1500 clicks a year. But they also get over 2 million impressions. Which is how many times there ad is seen. Thats awareness and thats a good thing.

One of the top headers ever done. Hey, you clicked on it.. Alot

You love stories of peoples boats, and dogs. Dogs are huge. The least favorite thing is stories like this. But for some, its fun to know the behind the scenes data. Boat shows like Lake Dora, Woods & Water , Tahoe, Gull Lake, Clayton are crowd favorites. Kent O. Smith Jr photos are a favorite as well.

Clayton – Kent O. Smith Jr photo

You like header days. And click on about 5 before getting board. I do the same thing. Despite what you think, you love a good fight, drama and controversy. Yeah its painful to read, but like flies to you know what you come back to see the train wreck.

Thayer IV and Mariah On Golden Pond Boats, still are a record holder for comments and fighting

Hey, its how CNN survives.  So that’s it in a nutshell. WoodyBoater is a living breathing entity. It’s lives with you, for you and by you. It’s a reflection of the culture and the fun and kindness that makes this a very special community.

One of my personal favorites.

Now if you will excuse me, I am through doing my Goesintas, and want to work on cleaning the boats for winter. UGH.. By the way, you like those stories as well.

Cleaning the fleet for winter

Oh and happy header day!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OK, so if we LOVE the ladies so much I guess I will have to go back to posting more of them.

    Happy Header Day!

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Technical help question:

    I have “upgraded” to iOS 11 which doesn’t support the old app I used to resize and format pictures to be WoodyBoater acceptable. When I try to upload a photo now, the error says jpg, png, or gif up to 50 mb, but so far I have not gotten it to accept anything but a smaller gif (1024×768). JPEG, jpg and png files created by multiple apps at the same low file size have failed to upload.

    Any other iPhone users run into this? Anyone have suggestions? I would like to post more pictures of dogs with beautiful women on barrel backs, but I need an easier way to convert the pictures (I am also short the women and the barrel backs but one problem at a time).

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I could just sit and click on refresh all day long!

    I am always amazed at how many headers come up that I have not seen before. (then I realize that I probably just forgot that I saw it already) I also like to play the game where I click on refresh until I see one of my headers. Here is my first. (I think)

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