What’s The Story? Who’s The Story? We Have So May Questions!

Now this is a boat house! OH! HELL YA!

Well the weather has been a tad gloomy here so guess what? EBAY BOATING is all I can do. And these three boats popped up from ONE SELLER. Mother of all coolness! I am not sure who this is, but should know. But he, or she owns three of the coolest Chris Crafts ever made. And all three are for sale on ebay?

Lets start with the Express Cruiser. UGH.

I saw this for sale a while back, but I have leaned to really love these. Social Cruisers. And absolutely perfect lines. PERFECT!

I did reach out to the seller and no response, which of course is part of maybe why they are not selling. There is a phone number, but part of the fun here is to find a fun angle of an ebay story. Which today is. Who’s boats are these. I asked Mr Plug A Show Greg from Michigan and he WAS USELESS! I bet if was a boat show (Insert Here) he would have known! HA

Next is the 1949 U22. These are very hard to find with a Blonde interior. WOW! Now I know we have seen YESTERDAY before. But cant recall.


So. I am sure one of you all up there part of the Michigan Gang knows. No one collects this sort of gold alone. Man! I am drooling. STUNNING STUFF!

Okay! This is the boat that caught my eye forst of all boats. A plastic beast. But gotta say, one heck of a boat. Its got the Ray Hunt lines in a slightly more modern appearance. And for around 40K you will not find more boat for the money. And clearly who ever the owner is, or was knew what he or she was doing.


There ya have it! I am sure this will be solved within 10 minutes of posting. But goodness gracious, what a collection!

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  1. ScottK
    ScottK says:

    No idea who owns them, but from what little I can see of the background, that looks like a pretty awesome boathouse too!!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I’ve been lusting over that express cruiser ever since I saw it years ago. The details incorporated into this beauty make it the total package. Express Cruisers are faster than regular cruisers, they are more proportional in their design, its got a great aft deck to sit on, there’s plenty of open seating, the aft seating is pretty well protected from rough seas going forward, it has a cool helm station, nice to get out of wind or weather for the ladies, it has what looks like a pair of more desirable M’s instead of K’s or so it looks although unspecified detail, and its got a nice sunshade if needed. Shall I go on?

  3. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Love the express and assuming it’s condition is somewhat close to what the auction pics show it’s a steal. However, let’s see……I gotta move it and haul it out in the fall, I need a big boathouse…………OK, maybe not such a deal. Beautiful boat!

  4. Mike F
    Mike F says:

    The location of the boathouse is Detroit, MI. More specifically 100 Clairpointe St. I have met the boats’ owner several times but have not seen him in years.

  5. Alan B
    Alan B says:

    Mike / Ann,
    If this is the guy’s boathouse we walked through when we had your Hacker out for the photo shoot, then he had his Hacker at the event we did at the Detroit Boat Club on Belle Isle.

    Bob may have his name from that event.

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