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This Columbus Day I spent in Columbus Ohio. I was delivering a boat I sold on ebay to a wonderful couple from Chicago. It is a 12 foot 1958 Whirlwind JR. A incredible little boat. I loved this boat. But got board of it. I was torn as to sell it or not. But the fact that I was board with it made me think. Why? I love the boat. Love working on it and learning about it, but after a couple a years whipping it around. It was just not there. It hit me that this passion is not about the using the boat in the water, but using the boat to relax, meet new folks and live history. Learn history. I recently picked up some old Motor Boating magazines. There were articles in there from an issue in the 50″s that were very relevent to repairs and life with these woodys. I felt like the publications were new to me. And they were. I recomend looking on ebay and getting some. Anyway. as I was handing the boat over to the new owners they said how happy they were that I would go out of my way to deliver the boat. Honestly, I would not have done it any other way. Its part of the journey. Its all connected. Woody’s are organic. Before it was cool. They are living breathing things that we must take care of and keep alive. So putting ones heart into them is part of it. When you think of Woody Boats this way, it will become a joy just to be around them… Yip Yap is now happy in here new home in Chicago. Enjoying Lake michigan.. For more info. Or if you have info on Whirlwind Boats. We are building a website and could use some more info.. www.WhirlwindBoats.com

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  1. Clyde
    Clyde says:

    I like your thoughts about establishing a website.
    Good Luck! I recall seeing your boat before. It must
    have been on ebay. I troll it constantly looking for
    others like mine but I haven’t found one exactly like
    it. I’ve enclosed a picture of my whirlwind. It’s a
    1962 model with the original Johnson 40 hp. I’ve
    never seen much about the designation of the whirlwind
    models so I’m not sure what to call it other than a
    16′ whirlwind. There is a man in Croom Maryland named
    Howard Percival Johnson who runs http://www.oldtimeworld.com you
    should talk to about Whirlwinds. I thought he
    actually held quite a bit of archival information on
    Whirlwind. I bought mine from him and he still had
    nine more on his premises this summer when I had him
    do a little work for me. Good luck!

  2. Dean Paist
    Dean Paist says:

    I am looking for Whirlwind Emblems for the side of the boat.Late or mid 40’s I think they are SS .If anyone knows of a set or just one please contact me on the above email address. Thank You Dean Paist,Bucks Co. Penna.

  3. bob macEachern
    bob macEachern says:

    hi i found a whirlwind boat i might buy is there any numbers on the boat anywhere that will tell me the year or any info on the boat need help before i buy it thanks bob

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