Wiki Wiki. One Masterfully Restored Globe Mastercraft


If you have been to any of the top shows… or dinky ones, you no doubt have seen Wiki Wiki. No this is not a dance done by exotic dancers… OK maybe it is. But in this case, Wiki Wiki is a magnificent beautifully designed 14 ft Globe Mastercraft. Owners and restorers John and Kim Kidimik have been knocking it out of the park for years now at the shows. Stoli a very nice racer, Mr White last years and this years top U22 and now Wiki Wiki. Dang..

To start lets look at the brochure…

Here lies Wiki Wiki in the barn needing repair. John had to wait a long tome for her to be available. But persistence does pay offOh it all looks so easy on the web site. But a ton of work goes into this just to have this look.
This is always my favorite part. mmm Blue Tape means one thing….Stain and Varnish.
Powdering the name on… All old school. John and Kim have a knack for naming boats. Done just add wata… Hey there from Jersey…You have to see Wiki Wiki in person to understand. Her finish is amazing..Just last weekend John and Kim took home another fancy pants award at the Barnegat Bay Boat Show. 1st place Runabout and the coveted Boat Yard AwardThare she sits at Clayton. And yes she took home some more fancy pants award there as well. Any more trophies and she will sink.
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  1. Chick Woodward
    Chick Woodward says:

    I loved seeing this boat. When I was growing up, my uncle had this boat and as a young teenager it was a thrill to get to drive it. Swing the wheel and cut the power and it will do a quick 180 right in it’s track.

    Very nice job of restoration.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks for commenting Chick. It’s so great to once again see this boat out on the water doing what it does best…

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