Will Someone Please Buy This Boat!

Every time I search Craigslist in my area under the search Chris Craft or Classic Boat, this boat pops up. And I always take a look. Just like that beautiful girl that you know in town, but stand no chance of meeting. This boat taunts me. To add to the pain. I see it every weekend while on the water. It’s docked right around the corner from me. It won’t leave me alone. So, I am begging, if there is anyone of you out there that want such a boat. Pleeease call him, make it go away. Far away.. Cleveland is far enough… Just so I don’t have see a very sweet boat that is for sale right in front of me! Click here. Tell him WoodyBoater sent you..

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    I only just found this article. I hope that in the last two years it has sold and been moved far far away from you. Sadly, I havee been a victim of Hunter lust as well. Fortunately, the 1957 42′ Hunter that moored four slips from my liveaboard fell on hard times (not the boat, the owner) and I made a sweet deal. It is such a beautiful boat that i sold my liveaboard at a small loss to exscape double moorage and moved aboard. She’s a tad smaller than what I was formerly on but having the most beautiful boat on the water certainly makes up for it.

    Thanks for your article. It is very entertaining and one that at least I can relate to. If she is still for sale… buy her man! you won’t find a Chris, Owens or any other classic wood boat with her sex appeal.


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