Woohoo! A Wonderful Woody Water Test.

Dennis Ryan holding down the boat to make sure it doesnt float away

Captain Dennis Ryan holding down the boat to make sure it doesn’t float away

Long time fellow Woody Boaters Brian Keen and Dennis Ryan, sent us in the timeless ritual and fun reminder that we are not alone in the joy of the first launch.. Oh and that everyone looses something on the trip.. Take it away Brian.

There she is right next to Dennis Ryans Lyman

There she is right next to “Captain” Dennis Ryan’s Lyman

Thanks Matt

This weekend we launched our 1949 Chris Craft Special Runabout.  Dennis and I (from the Antique Boat Center) have been working on this as our own personal project for the last year.  There is something special about launching a boat for the first time. After over a year of restoration we are giddy with hopes and expectations, but are also pensive about the little issues that surround a launching…..  Such as, Did you get everything sorted out correctly?  Is the plug in? Are there fuel leaks? Do you have all of the correct safety gear? Who gets to drive it first, Etc. Etc……  But when she slips into the water for the first time and fires up all is forgotten and you get to enjoy what you have envisioned in your mind as the first “water test”.

What could go wrong? Go Dennis go!

What could go wrong? Go Dennis go!

Our water test went well and we made note of certain things.  The tranny was slipping at high RPM’S and we made an adjustment, we had a few mishaps (like losing the gas cap….and the mast light globe.)  but all in all had a wonderful weekend and we could finally enjoy a years worth of hard work.


The Coke cooler is a fantastic touch!

The Coke cooler is a fantastic touch!

Putting a 65 year old boat back in the water after many years of non-use and neglect certainly gives you a sense of accomplishment.   We are looking forward to putting many many more hours on our new little bundle of joy!  We know that putting a boat in the water for the first time after restoration will certainly give you a list of further things to do and improve on but there’s still nothing like calling it a success and getting to share all of your hard work with those you love and share what you have created with everyone.

OK, that is one very very cool trailer! Dennis knows his trailers..

OK, that is one very very cool trailer! Captain Dennis knows his trailers..

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  1. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    I can’t believe the horns haven’t gotten a response. Take a look at the dock shot beside the Lyman, LOL. Congrats to Capt’n Dennis and Brian. Both of these guys are great stewards if the hobby.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    That is an interesting bow light treatment. Looks like you could drop the boat down about 3 or 4 inches on the trailer and get a shallower “float off” at launch unless there are some clearance issues for prop/rudder like hauling the boat around country roads.

    Congrats on the successful launch, happy boating.

  3. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    What is the green truck in the last picture? I’m thinking it is a 1951-1953 Ford. Anybody have another guess?2

  4. Chris Wade
    Chris Wade says:

    I have a 1940 15’6” version of this boat. I have been very seriously thinking for the last week or so about getting started on it this year. I think I have had her about 20 years, went to the bottom the the second week of ownership, This might be a coincidental inspiration! Thank You.

  5. thomas dial
    thomas dial says:

    i’ve got a little ’38 very much like this that hasn’t been worked on for a while, i needed the inspiration too. thanks.

  6. Chris Wade
    Chris Wade says:

    Ryan, How you and the Doc doing? I am assuming by the Lyman comment that you are who I think you are….

    Chris Wade, Formerly a Gem Beach 30′ Skiff Craft, 38′ Chris Craft Commander and 19′ Lyman Boater

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