Woody Boat Of The Month – 1959 Chris Craft Sport Fisherman, Appropriately Named, “Storm Duty”.


Mark Edmonson at the helm of "Storm Duty" One amazing Chris Craft Sport Fisherman

As we finish up Disaster week, we wanted to get away from storms and earthquakes.. Well…”Storm Duty”… Is not what we had in mind.. BUT..The more I get to know this boat the more I fell in love with it.

Even pretty women like it, and will work on it as well. Dear god, this model boat has it all..

Fellow Woody  Boater Mark Edmonson’s labor of love is for sale. NOT the pretty women….the boat.. come on, stop thinking like an Arab prince.. Anyway..I noticed it on eBay this week, and emailed  Mark, What gives? Well like most stories regarding very well kept boats, he just wants something different. Folks, this is the sort of guy you want to buy a boat from.. He spends ungodly amount of time on the boat, has the skill and passion to do it right.

Everything is redone, rebuilt engines, new wood.. He went over board on it!

Then he uses it some with his family all over it, so you know he did it for him self and family..

The family, not on Storm duty, but on "Storm Duty" yes confusing, but it makes sense.

And then poof, onto the next gig.. No restoration to sell stuff.. This is a very very rare desirable boat.. Chris Craft only made 12 of these in 1959, the Smith family had one, the owner of Reed and prince screws…


Even Chris Craft in this Ad shot knew that pretty women would like it.. It's like they knew..

What does that tell you.. This was a favorite type boat by people that could have any boat they wanted.. her lines are perfect, and she can be used to actually do something other than use up fuel.. Like fish’n.. So if you like fishing, and want to do it in style.. Dear lord man, this may be your only chance to catch this boat.. So.. Thats why we felt that a boat for sale on eBay should be the boat of the month.. Cool boat, cool owner, cool history.. Bid Now, bid often.. Bid your boring plastic fishing boat good by..

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  1. Tom F
    Tom F says:

    Great Boat, I’ve been out in lower Lake Huron on the “Storm Duty” with my family. Fantastic big water boat. Nothing like sitting in a “Fighting Chair” with a cold one, watching the wake off the transom.

  2. J.R. Gladden
    J.R. Gladden says:

    My father bought a 33′ sport fisherman from Arnold Gay in Annapolis, Md. in 1961. He upgraded to 210hp engines which did a lot for the performance. It had all the electronics available at the time. With teak decks, this was the best boat in the world!
    We joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary and had many interesting Sunday afternoons. Believe me, they do not make them like this anymore!

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