Woody Gal’s Daddy Had One



Want one for yourself? Well DADDY HAD ONE could be yours. Okay, warning, this story could make some Who’s on first? turns. So you can skip the bla blah and just click on the ebay link at the bottom of this story. Okay alittle about Daddy Had One. It’s an amazing boat. Woody gal who has been a Woody Boater since day one and always there for support and kind words, is looking for her amazing boat a new home. We get it. I Know this was not an easy decision to make. She put her heart and soul into the restoration. It was restored with that passion, so you know its the way Daddy would have done it. Nothing Woody Gal does is half way. One could say that Daddy Had One amazing kid!

Her passion is in the details

Turn Key

Wonderful interior detail

Slide on in and GO!

Or drop in from the sky.

There are a boatload of more insane photos on the ebay link. CLICK CLICK!

So here is the EBAY LISTING. I like this broker, seems to be a straightforward person and tells It like it is. You can buy it, and pick it up for Lake Dora in a couple months. I think?

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  1. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    One of a kind restoration, one of a kind lady.

    Miss Woody Gal and know she will continue to join us in Tavares!

    John in Va.

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    It is an amazing boat, so amazing that I would hesitate to take it out of the garage. This is not criticism, just a question: is there some reason why the boat sits high on the trailer? It looks like it could be lower by 6″. Fender clearance perhaps?

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    What a beautiful boat !!! Not only is it very pretty, but functional, and fast. I hope she gets top dollar out of it. I think who ever buys it. Should love it, use it, and treat it very well.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Beautiful boat – I hope this doesn’t signal the end of Woody Gal’s boating adventures! I’ll be looking forward to the next chapters! 🤗

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Darn it, you brought tears to my eyes, again. Seeing Woody Gals Super Sport, brought memories of the exact same boat we had back in 1993. I think the styling of this hull is the best-looking woody runabout ever, ever made!
    Thus our naming her “STYLE”.
    Excuse me now, I am going out to the spare garage to see what I can move around, to fit “Daddy Had One” in there…

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Probably the best ebay boat sale listing I’ve seen. Hope there is a successful sale which meets Woody Gal’s expectation.

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    Nice boat, great person! Sorry to see you are selling.

    Too bad there is no “Buy it Now”.

    After going down the rabbit hole a little I found this nice Aristo-Craft. Same listing seller? Is this another of Woody Gals or just the person listing classic boats? Is the boat really in Sarasota, FL?

  8. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Thanks for all of your kind words.
    This is not my e-bay listing. I sold this boat through Freedom Boats a couple of months ago, for less than I originally paid for it, without the trailer, before the 5200 bottom and the correct interior restoration. Nuf said.

  9. Matt
    Matt says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!HHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I feel so dirty. Someone is flipping her. Such is the universe. We have all been there, done that and seen this. Regardless, I know you restored this boat with love, passion and talent.

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