Woody Kayaks! Toquenatch Creek Kayaks, For Gods Sake Don't Ask Me How To Pronounce That!

OK, this is slightly off subject. We got a comment from fellow Woody Boater Richard Gambino saying why not a story on Woody Kayaks? He had just been out Kayaking while the weather was very cold and loved it. To each his own I supose. So I started looking around. There are a ton of kit boats out there, but one place kept coming up that had the WOW factor. Here ya go. Toquenatch Creek Kayaks. Simply amazing! Art that floats..mmm were have I heard that before? Dang it, now I have to get me one of these. I am so out of space in the barn…. maybe I can hang it over the kitchen table… My wife won’t mind. I”ll have custom made little frilly things on it… I know I’ll name it after her……. That’ll make 5 boats now named Suzy……

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  1. Rick Gambino
    Rick Gambino says:

    My god, what beautiful kayaks, now I’ve just got to get rid of my yellow plastic one. For yourself, consider keeping your unassembled kit yak in its original box and in 50 years put it on ebay as a unique example. Sometimes sloth does pay off!

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