Worlds Angriest Craigslist Classic Boat Ad! Hey, It Might Just Work!

While doing my Craigslist and ebay stalking I came across this ad for a cool 1982 Mako. These are tanks and put up with lotta crap on the water for sure. But maybe the seller is a little more sensitive to the crap on land.  My favorite line in the add is. “THERE IS NO TIME FOR THE BULLSH%T!!! If you don’t know nothing about boats do not contact me for I will not contact you back with dumb ass questions if you want a johnboat then by Jon boat if you don’t have a truck to tow a boat a this size do not contact me overall this boat is 27 feet long without the motor is hanging on the back..if you never towed a boat do not contact me if you never Owned a boat do not contact. AND DO NOT ASK ME WHATS THE PRICE !!!”

Wow! Okay, we have all been there on Craigslist. One idiot after another bothering you with dumb ass questions. Wanting rides, throwing out stupid deal offers. So I get it. But the seller is partially to blame. No price, and playing a cat and mouse game, inviting bottom feeders. Also to be honest here, as a person that knows the price, it can vary by the thousands on a boat like this.

It’s been sitting outside in a storage lot. I know the lot, and its full of peoples  RV’s and stuff. Plastic boats like this can suffer from rot just like woody boats. Soft spots can cost a small fortune to repair. But the seller says its Okay. What about the engine? Or engines.  That’s a nice $15K – $20K each.  There are so many variables that playing the guess the price game is a crap fest, and even though I am interested in the boat, there is no way in hell, I am going to say one thing. The seller is coming off as a crazy street person yelling at dumb people. By the way. A “dumb people” is probably going to buy that boat. Like me!  Dont get me wrong here, I like this guy and totally get it. Maybe we could have a good laugh on the phone, clearly we have a bunch in common. I hate jonboats even more than Pontoon boats!  So looking for a cool large Mako? Got the you know whats to find out more? CLICK HERE!

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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Mako built great boats, but by the time your done with the restoration, repower and refit your into it for another 50k give or take. Something to consider when you make your offer.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I find it RIDICULOUS to list anything “for sale” without a price!

    You are just asking for trouble and I will not even take their bait.

  3. Flash
    Flash says:

    Selling your stuff these days is a royal pain in the rear. I totally get where this guy’s coming from, other than the no price part. The Facebook Marketplace is the worst. You put something out there and before someone even sees it, they make you a lower offer. I don’t get it. I’d like to say I’ll just start donating everything to charity and taking the write off, but that option looks like it’s going away soon too.

  4. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Craigslist often is worth what it costs. Having been in sales all my life, there are morons on both sides of the transaction. Can’t say I blame the guy for trying to do some filtering in the ad, but my first reaction is the price will be too high and dealing with the seller will be a very unpleasant experience. Gotta laugh at some of the ads and pics, misspellings, atrocious grammer and ridiculous prices. Here’s a great example of good merchandising-makes me want to go right over and buy the boat!

  5. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Anyone catch “American Pickers” (Season 18 Episode 4)
    last night? The guys uncovered a Garwood Ensign and call into Peter Mellon at Antique Boat America for information about the boat.

  6. Matt
    Matt says:

    One crazy thing to consider. Lets say all in, new engines, and a good work through on the Mako costs around 50K… Lets just say.. You still have a VERY sweet open water boat that sells new for 200K if bought new. These hulls are tanks and handle water like a champ. Twin 150’s on it, or more would be cool as hell, and you could customize the boat. Sure you wouldnt be able to sell it for half what you put in. But the same can be said for a newer boat.

  7. Mark in Ohio(sometimes da UP)
    Mark in Ohio(sometimes da UP) says:

    I think that we should all get together and bombard the man with good questions, lots of them just to pi$$ him off. Looks to me like the boatress wants to sell but he really does not. A plastic boat on the header. Oh no.

  8. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Let’s see, from the pictures one can tell the hull has been repainted, the motor has been in contact with the bottom and looking at the plexiglass splash shields at the edges of the motor well there is mold/debris captured. So, has this one been through an hurricane somewhere – or just been “refreshed”?

  9. Matt
    Matt says:

    I will say the the Potomac River in that area is kinda slimy. Hurricane may be a stretch, and with the humid weather crude, mold etc is kinda normal. I know when i had our boat in our boat house there, it was a weekly event to keep clean despite being in fresh water. Lots of muck.

  10. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    It’s not crazy to buy a well design, well built fiberglass boat and spend all the money needed to bring it back to like new condition, if, and thats a very BIG IF, that’s the boat you want to own for a looooong time. So what if you can’t get your money back! You love the boat and get the use of it. Any true Woody boater guy will tell you, it’s not about the money, it’s about the love.

  11. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You guys are NUTZ! That is not a boat that needs $50,000 put into it! Check the hull pre-buy. If it is solid, you put a couple grand into it, to clean it up a little and then you beat it up again with lots-o-use. At most you spend $10k to hang a new to you power plant on the back.

    If that was a boat I wanted, I would call the guy. Tell him you are an experienced boater and experienced at towing and geniunely interested boater who wants to look at it. I am sure you would be the exact type of potential buyer he will want to spend his time with, even if you don’t end up reaching a deal.

  12. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    The heck with the Mako. Those are a dime a dozen all up and down the east coast. You can wait until you find the right one. If he’s trying to unload stuff, I’d ask him how much he wants for the old Eldorado convertible in the background of image 2.

      • Ollon
        Ollon says:

        Its in the 2nd image of the craigslist ad. But now that I look closer It might be a Pontiac or Buick. Either way its a neat car.

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