World's Coolest Classic Boat. 1959 Riva Super Florida. For Sale!

If you have a round 65K you are now the luckiest person in the world, because now you can use it to buy one of the coolest classic boats on the planet. To top it off it’s one of the nicest condition boats you will find as well. This boat has placed first at Tahoe Concourse and “Best of Show” at Houston’s Keels & Wheels Show. I know the owner personaly and trust me, if there is grain pattern out of whack he caught it. The motor is rebuilt and the rest is pure Riva magic. I have seen this boat in person and had to wipe the drool off the deck…several times. The pom pom interior is fun as all get out. WoodyBoater named this boat best interior at Lake Dora this year. Riva Boats are considered to be the finest boats in the world and this one is one of the finest of Riva’s boats. To be honest 65K is a steal. So… click here and find a place for that 65K you got just sitting in your checking account. Your banks gonna fail anyway, at least have your money in something that can stay afloat!

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    Anonymous says:

    Louie, that’s the owner’s dog. The owner doesn’t know it’s for sale yet. The dog is getting even for being left on the dock all these years.

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