WOW! Steve Marini Purchases “Ventuno” – What The?

While in Lake Dora this Spring the stunning “Ventuno” art deco custom one off boat showed up again so we could all test the flexibility of our lower jaws. By the way, if you stand in the grass it doesn’t hurt as much when it all scraped the ground. Well, you may want to go stand on something soft.. Cause she was sold on the spot right there in front of all of us. ALL of us. SOLD! Fellow Woody Boater Steve Marini who now owns a duo of Ventuno’s.. OK, it gets confusing. Steves stunning 21 Cobra is also called Ventuno from Katzs Marina. Seen below. And the amazing custom Art Deco boat is called Ventuno! See its simple and was clearly meant to be.

chris craft cobra

“Ventuno” Steve’s Cobra on Lake Dora! Now also in the Bay Area of California with her new more insane sister! Yikes, makes a Cobra look normal..

Here is the fun note from Steve is who as excited as any of us would be if we had such luck. From what I understand behind the scenes, Gary the builder and owner wanted to make sure she went to someone that would keep her going to shows and to help spread the gospel about cool boats. Well played Gary. Steve is the perfect guy… So was I btw. HA, here is Steves note.


Everything on this boat is custom one off stuff!

“It’s official, I am now the proud owner of “Ventuno” the 21 foot, green “Art Deco” boat that was at Lake Dora!
With the boat named Ventuno, I had to buy it! It will look awesome next to the Cobra in my building!
The plan is to get it to California and show off Gary’s amazing work, to the people on the West Coast.
Hopefully we can get some “new” people interested in joining our great hobby!
With ACBS and other clubs willing to admit that there some cool “fiberglass” boats out there, maybe we can attract some of the “younger” crowd that can afford to join in on the fun!” Steve Marini


And off we go to Lake Tahoe!

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  1. Beanieincecil
    Beanieincecil says:

    Congratulations Steve! That boat is so cool! I can’t wait to see Gary’s next project.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    …and mine is just beginning! We’re on our way to Mount Dora!!! Oh crap, that was last month…

    Yup, the fiberglass Ventnor is an interesting work of art. And should attract some attention of younger generations. Certainly a diligent effort. Good luck with that Steve.

  3. Charles J
    Charles J says:

    That’s one wild and awesome looking boat! What Mercs are those, HP? What’s the top speed on that bad boy? Enjoy your unique find 🙂

    • John Gambill
      John Gambill says:

      The Mercs as I remember are mid 80’s 115HP each. Gary redid the exterior of them to look just like the White mercs of the late 50’s early 60’s, beautiful engines for sure.

  4. Ed F.
    Ed F. says:

    Iam so glad to hear that Ventuno is going to a great home. The boat is absolutely amazing. The attention to detail is incredible and quality of Gary’s work is impeccable and the design is so unique. We had the pleasure of running next to him on Lake Dora and it is fast, and appears to run flat and stable. I have had a couple fast outboards in the past that were a handful to drive. Between chine walk and porpoise, you had to be alert and careful. I saw none of these characteristics while watching Gary at speed and was stunned when he told us he planned to destroy the boat because of poor handling and fear of a new owner getting hurt. As I said Iam so glad that it’s going to good hands, it would be a crime to destroy this masterpiece.

  5. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    i think classic boating had a story on the build of that boat.
    you could see the attention of detail put into it.

    how much?


  6. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    That boat is way cool. Anybody else getting a flashback of the Jetsons? George would look good tooling around in that one.:-)

  7. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Steve, it doesn’t matter how good a skier you are as long as you look good in the lift lines. Hope you will Replace the trailer. You know how we are out here in California with the coolness factor.

  8. Brian t
    Brian t says:

    Steve, if you do decide to dump the trailer as some have suggested, let me know, as we’re looking for a newer one. We’re in Portland so it is not too much of a drive. Anyways, let me know if and when.

  9. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Great stuff! And Matt, been meaning to tell you how much Cheryl and I appreciated you and Sue’s hospitality during the show, enjoyed meeting you guys and all your friends having dinner together was great. 😀

  10. John Gambill
    John Gambill says:

    Gary MacNorius the builder, artist and designer of this striking craft in the truest form raises the bar so high you will get a nose bleed trying to reach the standard he sets. He has been a great help to me over the years with my restoration work and I am so proud to call him friend, he is truly one great person.
    Congratulations to the new owner of this amazing creation, you are a lucky man!

  11. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    Thanks to all!!!
    I had no intention of buying a boat at Mt. Dora but, after speaking to Gary for a couple of hours or so(it seemed like only minutes) we both new that I would be the next “Caretaker” of “Ventuno-green” (that’s what Gary and I have been calling her). Gary is such a wealth of knowledge, skill and a great guy! I am honored that Gary has in-trusted me with his baby!
    BTW Tim, Gary and I have discussed the trailer and I have a couple of ideas in mind……

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