Ya, Your Classic Boat is Cool, But Is Your Trailer?

I see this at shows all the time. A killer boat on a lame new trailer.Think about it, if your classic boat is going to spend most of its time on a trailer, and shown on a trailer shouldn’t the trailer be just as cool. That was the thinking behind Craig Hardwig’s display at the Sunnyland show this year. Well, here is you chance to go for it. Bob Moharter has this tasty fully restored 1946 EZ float trailer for sale on the trading dock, with an eye popping great price of only $500 bucks. That is way below the cost of the restoration….. It’s all restored with the same quality he has done for years. If only I lived near Nevada… Ahhhhhh!

Craig Hartwig’s Display At Mt Dora.

Bob Moharters Show Trailer for sale.