Yip Yap Clean Up Day!

Who want’s a bath?

Yesterday before the rain and misery of back to back calls, I was able to get out and clean Yip Yap off of all the “Journey Home” And as expected, she looks fantastic.

The fact that this is still there is why we got her back! AMAZING!

She for sure was well taken care of by her foster families during her life away from home.Which we will cover tomorrow. Oh it has drama, and she still wears some of the Scars of a well lived life. Hey go look at yourself in the mirror after 62 years. The one you haven’t cracked yet! ANY WHO! Here she is. All sparkly clean..ish

Under it all is her original factory finish. AMAZING

The crappy strange NISSAN throttle is ugly and yet, now part of her whacked history

The numbers will get chucked!

The Sea Foam Green is called Chesapeake Green, and is an old Pettit color. I HAVE THE CAN!

Lower right

And yes, I AM PAINTING THE BOTTOM BACK TO THE GREEN. I have no idea what this white is, but its a mess. Engine will be pulled and painted Johnson Green, and boat flipped and bottom painted Chesapeake Green

In Da House!

Still has all her details, I have always wondered about this, She is a 1958 yet her engine was a 1956.


The day we found her in Buffalo. I loved the trailer but it just fell apart. I still have both engines and yes the original gas tank. I saved those. I may try and match the original hull numbers? Not sure yet.


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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Oddly, when I was with her for the few hours, I didn’t really look her over much. I wish I had taken the time. I was focused on the strap, the towels used to pad the strap, the lights, chains, wheel bearings/hubs…
    I missed the opportunity to really appreciate the boat. What is wrong with me? Glad to see it now! Enjoy

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      And that’s a good thing! Imagine the photos we might be looking at if you hadn’t checked the strap, chains, !!!

      Matt – maybe a period looking fuel tank?

      • Syd
        Syd says:

        Someone had a boat bought a motor then a couple years later bought a new boat. It fit the budget better that way

    • Bill DeGlopper
      Bill DeGlopper says:

      Hank the tank….lettered by the throttle…. could that have anything to do with our ACBS Niagara Frontier member ” Hank the Plank??

  2. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    That original trailer looked awesome – too bad it couldn’t be saved. Saw Yip Yap for sale on FB a couple months ago – it looked familiar, but never made the connection.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    WE LOVED THE TRAILER.. Bias belt tires and the boat tucked into it. But man oh man those rebars just kept popping off.

  4. John G
    John G says:

    Hmm…The original engine on my 1958 Lyman was a 1956 Johnson. Did Johnson make too many engines in ‘56?

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    hmmm? is right, this has confused me for years. Maybe the dealer had left over stock for 56 and the boat was bought in 57 as a 58 as they would do? This will make a cool story.

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