You Can Buy A Brand New Dart Boat, Like It Was 1928.


Dart Boat Co, Courtesy Dan Taylor family

Pull out your speak easy dough, spit polish your spats, cause you are headed to the Antique Boat Center and custom ordering a new 1928 ish  Dart Boat. The good.. great guys at Ramsey Bros have over the years mastered the perfection of reviving The Dart Boat Co, and now the Antique Boat Center is representing them as a dealer, so you not only have the obsessive attention to detail from the Ramsey Bros, with the power and support of the Antique Boat Center.

Ramsey Bros

The Ramsey Bros. Great guys!

So if you really want to get Zen about this, you could show up in your 1920’s Cadillac or Duesenburg and order your Dart,  chit chat and go the local speak easy and do the Charleston with your bride in her new “Flapper Bob”.

dart Boat Co, gals

Happy Gals!

Sell some stock, it’s all going to be worthless in the 1930s anyway, and you could be Dart Boating through it. See! just by clicking on that link, you could have the next ten years of your life all planned out. Then when the 1940’s hit, avoid the war all together, sell the Dart to another 1920’s dreamer, and buy a Cobra! Now its the fifties. All is well. Well, kinda sorta. Things get strange in a bit, so you may want to go back to the Dart thing and loop a bit in time.

dart Wave

Being on a Dart just makes you want to wave!

You can also see more on the Dart Boat Co. history on the Dart Boat Co. Website out of Toledo HERE. Great photos.

10 replies
  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I find it very interesting that Hacker, Gar Wood and now Dart are resurrected and yet people say our hobby is dying out.

    • Scott R.
      Scott R. says:

      Off the top of my head for 26 footers, 9 Toledo boats and 9 Indian Lake boats. It’s rumored but not confirmed that you may have one…

      • Jim Hawver
        Jim Hawver says:

        Hey Scott,
        You don’t see much on the Dart Boats! I just started looking at Woody Boater and I saw this post on Darts. Wow! Got me all excited! Almost forgot I had one. Hull number 2679 if I’m remembering correctly. Would that mean the 79th one Dart built? Jim

  2. jim g
    jim g says:

    My son and I went to see them this past Thursday. There great guys and do excellent work. They have several cool looking darts in there shop.

  3. Dave R
    Dave R says:

    Nice to meet you, Jim G! Jim Hawver, that’s correct, the 79th 26-footer built in Toledo (Indian Lake Darts were numbered differently). Ours is the latest we’ve seen, number 2695. I’d guess yours is somewhere around late-1930 or early-1931.

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