You Can Now Win Best Fiberglass, Best Woody, Best Contemporary Boat All At Once!



OK, Mr Tommy Holms we have here something even you have never seen. It’s a tank, but has the richness of mahogany magic. mmmmm smell the mixture of Wood and fiberglass. Is it a strange transition boat? PLEASE, someone buy this thing and bring to events. It will win all sorts of categories at once. Trophy Hog!


Killer Dash and olds school windshield! Old Century logo. The Best of both worlds

Its got it all. I actually love this thing! Here is the description on Craigslist in Orange County CA, Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Rob Willander for sending the link to us! You made my Day!


These 1980’s ish Centurys are tanks and wonderful riding boats. THis sucker has a 454!


The Ladies like it! Or do the Gents like it?

It’s Two! Two Boats in one!

HERE IS THE WORDING ON THE CRAIGSLIST LISTING. – 1986 Century Arabian. Custom interior & exterior. 1/2 inch mahogany over original fiberglass. New custom paint to match wood. All new gauges & upholstery. New 454 cubic inch engine with KB pistons & custom cam. All new exhaust manifolds & risers. Velvet V-drive transmission. Excellent double axle trailer with new tires & spare. Very fast. Lots of room for entertaining.


80’s meets 50’s


The Glass Rose. I would change NOTHING!

A head turner at shows or on the lake. Unique, beautiful, one of a kind boat! CLICK HERE

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Yuck! That is a mix of styles and design elements that just doesn’t work for me. Perhaps you could pull the engine and V drive and mount them on a nice pontoon.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I am with m-fine on this one.

    I know somebody put a lot work into this but at the end of the day it is lipstick on a pig.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Not for me. Not a factory transition boat just wood glued to glass. Be one or the other. IMHO ruined a potential future classic glass.

  4. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Come on! It’s a woody on the top where you see stuff and classic plastic on the bottom. With some heat in the trunk!

  5. Sean
    Sean says:

    That Century wasn’t the prettiest design to start with, HOWEVER, wood decking over a fiberglass hull can be a beautiful thing… like this Kavalk for instance.

  6. Sean
    Sean says:

    In a non factory environment , this Donzi Ski Sporter 16 sure looks beautiful with it’s replacement wood deck!

  7. Sean
    Sean says:

    OTOH, this Donzi 22 looks beautiful with it’s faux wood deck. (look twice to see it’s done in vinyl).

  8. Sean
    Sean says:

    Lastly, this fiberglass J-Craft ski boat was fitted with a wooden deck from the factory as a show special…. and it looks great!

  9. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    That Arabian is kinda like the “wrong” person wearing yoga pants. Sure, you can do it, but should you?

  10. Dean
    Dean says:

    Not a big fan of the Arabian…but thought the vintage Certs video was a hoot! How do you think up this stuff?

  11. Chris
    Chris says:

    Interesting! We have a 454 Arabian which rides like a dream compared to anything else in the fleet (mostly Correct Crafts). Unfortunately, this rendition loses all the cool 80’s features like giant windshield, vinyl on the deck etc.

    A bit more contemporary but we can’t leave out the Correct Craft Paragon!

  12. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Yeah.., Naaah.., I personally prefer “woody” boats on “woody-boater”..,

    However, I might say that that fiberglass boat definitely HAS
    been ‘up-graded’ with the wood!

  13. Robert P Willander
    Robert P Willander says:

    would have been better off keeping the arabian original and buying himself one those elite crafts! my dad had coronado’s. arabians all glass, he preached to me as a kid, keep em stock. original, oem. you’ll never go wrong!

  14. Bob R
    Bob R says:

    My friend that first did this also a Coranado, 2 boats that would never be worth very much, was thinking out of the box, nothing wrong with that, and he sure had fun with them

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