You Could Be Number One At Any Classic Boat Show With Just One Click!

I wonder if the zipper is original?

Want a fun Sea Skiff? Something to run around and go fish’n, then plop it on a trailer then take it to a boat show, and have everyone love it regardless of the fish guts still in it? Well here is your chance for such a boat. It’s the number one serial number sea skiff… And it could be yours right now on eBay. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Grant Stanfield who actually read the description in the listing.. Here is his post on the boat buzz.Take it away grant.

Click on the link below to see the VERY FIRST HULL of the lovely 18′ Open Sea Skiff series built from 1954-1959. Frontier Classics in Charlevoix, MI has hull #SK-18-001 for sale on Ebay!

According to the listing, the Mariner’s Museum has confirmed that this boat is the prototype for the 18′ Open Sea Skiff, and she’s got to be considered an important boat, at least to enthusiasts of the Sea Skiff Division.

You’ll notice several unique differences from standard on this boat- black Sheller wheel; vertical hatch door release; absence of any aluminum trim on the sheer; no Sea Skiff badging; PLUS she appears to have her original F/R seat cushions, as well. VERY NICE! I wonder if she was built in Michigan, like the first of the 22’s?

It’s just one click away!  Here’s the link to the eBay listing:

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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Lapstrake love blinds my judgement, storage capacity brings me back to reality. I will stick with my Lymans. If I bought the first SeaSkiff I would not be finished till I had collected them all.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    I agree, nice looking boat and a piece of history but I wouldn’t trade my ’57 Lyman side-wheeler for it, much more refined design

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