You Want Cobras? How About Quindecaplet Cobras!


Steve Windoms  very rare Red and white interior Hemi Cobra!

In case you have been boating under a rock, over the past 6 months, you may have missed the build up to the 60th anniversary show of Cobras at this years Lake Dora Show. And if you could not make it, all over facebook folks placed pictures of them on there pages. the tough part is really that for the most part, they all looked the same. Even though there were 15 of them at the show, on the surface when you walked by one, you thought you already had seen it. But just like twins or quindecaplets actually in this case. So we gathered all the shots we took, and they are here for you to see if you can tell them apart.


Cobra Cetic 18 Cobra at the Antique Boat Center. Note the very cool custom trailer. This used to belong to Terry Fiest, so you know it was done right


Back to King Cobra with the red interior


King Cobras Hemi. Nice


Close up of the rare interior


Here is another engine in a Cobra. Oh boy, now I am getting lost.


A better angle


Love the textured black dash pad!


Right as you walk in, one of the nicest Cobras at the show. I think this is Hull 10

Cobra 10

Yup, number 10. And the perfect name!



Hull 10 interior. Owned by the same man that owns the red interior.


Cara Mia just finished at Katzs Marina, considered by many as Cobra Central


Clark Smiths Cobra – Another engine option, duel quad Cadillac engine! Fast! Yes!


Golden Slipper. Very neat lettering. Note the lift rings? Which way is right?


At the Antique Boat Center booth

cobra tent

Cobra Cetic again – Two at the Antique Boat Center



A cool ad from the day on the gold interior.


Cobra art


Cobra in stripped form at the Katzs Marina tent. Tommy was all over the place helping folks on the Cobras in the water.

Steve Marini’s award winning 21 Cobra all the way from Lake Tahoe was here in the water. You may recal this Cobra from Last year and the many photos we have taken with Terry Fiest at the helm. Steve is a fantastic guy, and has some cool stuff happening soon!


Last year on the Lake


Hull number 7 with a custom inlay deck. Very cool way to customize your Cobra.

FLA 2015 Becky 10

Becky out on 007

Cobra dead river

Out on the Dead River at palm Gardens a Cobra sighting

Cobra Tommy

Tommy out paddling for a exclusive photo shoot for the Brass Bell of Finito, the last 21 Cobra ever made. Owner Seth Katz


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  1. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Thanks Matt! Very nice photos, don’t know if there was a video as you know I have trouble in getting those, but it there was I’m sure it was great. Question what is the HP on the triple carb flat six?

  2. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    River cruise account and no report on why the Canadian boat sank! Must have been sabotage.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Sorry Phil, my oversight, there was a report that came in yesterday. Something in the water, Log etc is the suspect. Whatever it was punched a hole in the bottom!

      • Phillip Jones
        Phillip Jones says:

        Figures, been there done that. Seems underwater hazards just gravitate to the best boats, and I’m not saying I’m partial Oh NOOOO. Time for him to get a new bottom:)

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    You’re right Matt, can barely tell them apart, glad I don’t have one……………man I hate lying.

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt: There was another really cool Cobra there. Oddly enough I did not get a picture of it. She was docked on B and had a very dark stain. She had been redone in Europe (Sweden maybe) end had maple inlay for the lines. She would not win awards for “as left the factory” but I tend to like uniqueness over originality.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thats OO7 owned by Woody Boater Frank Bauer who is an amazing guy. He runs the canvas shop at the entry with Sheila. They are the ones featured a coulple days ago. Has a very cool custom inlayed deck and is stained darker.

  6. Ron
    Ron says:

    Number 10 was sold last year by Jim Giesy out here in the PNW to the new guy. Rarely saw water, never saw rain. That’s just Jim! And yes, a perfect 10! Nice to see it at the show.

  7. Brian F.
    Brian F. says:

    They sure are sexy boats!!! Terribly impractical for actual boating but nice to look at floating at a dock.

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    You couldn’t sling a cat over your head without hitting a Cobra, lol. Quite a site, I got the “other end” of the Cobra lineup.

  9. thomas d
    thomas d says:

    i just don’t see what’s so special about a cobra. i’d rather have a prewar boat anyday.

    • Steve M
      Steve M says:

      That’s why they make Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and many other flavors! If everyone had the same boat it wouldn’t be very fun. Just the fact that Chris Craft built such a “different” boat is kinda “Special”….. I love them all…..

  10. Jon
    Jon says:

    Cobras were the last year of the CC Racing Runabouts. Why not feature the Racing Runabouts some year?


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