Zombie Boating Today!


Today we ride in Scarlet.

All this past week, I have been in the office prepping for a 1 hr meeting in New Jersey for my real job. High stakes, hi pressure stuff. And after a year and a half in my sweat pants and shorts. It was and is a little bit of a harsh reminder of what I really do. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE IT. But it was a 12 hr drive in one day, the AC on the car stopped working, and leaving the NYC area at 4 PM on a Friday for a 7 hr drive home, well.. Needless to say I just woke up. Mr B made sure of it.

This happened yesterday at Lake Hopatcong. I was so close and yet so so far from it all. AHHHHHHHHHHH Thanks Bob Kays, you..you..you….. for the cruel reminder. HA

But there is a cure for all this. Varnish and water all swirling away with a deep V8 gargle. Just throw the throttle in forward and go. And dont look back. And the beauty of it all. Well, is the beauty of it all. Nature, weather, life and nothingness. And fellow Zombies all out there, just roaming around looking for souls lost on there pontoon boats and jet skis. We are coming for you Ponntooners. We are coming for you.

Inner peace is a priceless thing

But for 20 bucks you can get priceless at the Antique Boat Museum


Sometimes just sitting there is enough

And never go alone. Its all part of the magic

Get out there