1947 Sportsman Woody, Or Getting My Ass Wiped? mmmmm?

Car goals.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, like many of you I waffle between cool old cars and old boats, hell old lawn mowers can be cool. And yes I have had some very old Toro push mowers. And used them. I have a pal thats into old tractor sprinklers. Which I also love. I even know of some real idiots that own old Marinas and Railways. Wait?

Lust! Absolute Lust, Not the LaBaron on the rack BTW.

But todays story is about cars? I am always wondering what kind of car I will want if I am forced to move to an inland location? How could I continue my lust for varnished wood. Woody Cars of course, but they are rather cliche with all the surf stickers, and huge, or bulky, or? WAIT, what in the hell. This one is perfect. Except for one small issue. Money. Ugh, why does money always have to get in the way. Its just paper, hell these days it’s just numbers on a website. Is money even real anymore? I know one thing for sure, Woody Boats, and Woody Cars are real.


Sportsman in Metal

Or on wood

They smell like Varnish, and glisten in the sunlight, and bring true happiness. Some numbers on a balance sheet bring no real joy. Ya sure those numbers may provide some drool cup changes and ass wiping in my later years. So I have to always decide between future ass wiping, or parking that ass in the driver’s seat and just enjoying the time I have being able to get to the bathroom on my own. WOW, this story went to a very strange place. And of course, someone has invented a better way to Wipe ones Aft! Here ya go. Enjoy your coffee this morning.

And if you made it through that video and want to just click on this sportsman on ebay, Here ya go! I know its at a dealer, and may be over priced, but whats money anyway?

I hope he isnt pooping?


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  1. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    overpriced I think, too.

    Coolest post war woody conv. Is Chrysler town and country conv.

    Why wait, get one now. Life is short.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    🎶I got a 34 wagon and they call it a Woody. Surf city here we come! 🎶 (Jan and Dean) If I ever learn how to send YouTube music you guys are hurtin.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    OK, a couple questions this morning
    1. What is a tractor sprinkler?
    2. Why would you be forced to move to an inland location?
    I agree the car is very nice but I agree over priced. Glad I don’t have any indoor storage left to spare or something like a car I don’t need could become too tempting!

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Actually, looking around at other auctions and so on, the price 150-180k seems to be about the selling price of the 46-47 model. These were only made for those two years with a small amount registered as 48’s. I suppose the boat world and car world were the same in that way. Regardless, as I look around, the quality of the wood work varies greatly. mmm, where have I seen that before

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The Ford Sportsman is the 21′ Cobra of the woody car world. For that price it should have been a frame off resto and the undercarriage has not been touched. Looks like original shocks, springs, front end parts. I would have expected to be able to “eat off” the frame and components but they were greasy and or in barn find condition. So I’d put it in the $100-110k or less range.

  6. Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens says:

    Although I did not view the toilet video, this guy’s a bit late. The Japanese have had these fixtures for about a decade and you can purchase one from your local plumbing dealer right NOW.

  7. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    At that price it should be in excellent shape,, it’s a long ways from that.
    I paid 36K for my boat hauler.

  8. Charlie Berry
    Charlie Berry says:

    For that kind of money????? Clean up and paint the interior parts, steering column, brake handle. heater, steering wheel, fix the wood, make the top work. That’s a price for a number 1 going at auction. This car is a 2 sliding towards 3. Likely needs a complete restoration at this point for a 100 point car. As a driver maybe $50K just to recognize the rarity.

  9. Charlie Berry
    Charlie Berry says:

    Here is a grown up version of the Sportsman, in this case a 1955 Lincoln which should tow about anything. Unfortunately this car is a cobbled up ‘custom’ usually appearing at Auctions as a one-off from Lincoln. Fake news. But it does have ‘Sportsman’ script liberated from a DeSoto.

  10. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    You can find a woody version of just about any vehicle. You should have a contest of who can find the most objectionable version. This PT Cruiser isn’t that bad but it does tarnish Chrysler’s original Town and Country. Of course, you can’t stop people from this process.

  11. UK Dave
    UK Dave says:

    We have woody’s over this side of the pond to but not at that price.Still thinking about it Santa’s coming.

  12. Hugger69
    Hugger69 says:

    Love that car but it´s way, way to high above ground, dudes!

    Below woddie is more in contact with reality and so much cooler!

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