2 More Inches Of Snow And I Am Taking My Boat Out!

In front of my Garage it’s 14 inches, My boat needs 17 inches and it can make it…. They are calling for 9 more inches in the area….. Some already have up to 25 inches… I must be in the shallow part of the state….They are starting to call this a blizzard… Whatever that is.. I think its a drink at Dairy Queen… Are chocolate sprinkles going to start falling from the sky? Maybe that’s what those trucks keep spreading on the snow as they drive by? “Hey Jr! Go out therrre and git us some sprinkles! Momma… Dairy Queen hand’n out blizzards”..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congrat's, WoodyBoater. The snow looks great. Better there than here, it's a rare treat indeed to see that much of the DQ Blizzard stuff in your driveway (I wonder how this is effecting Al Gore's creditability).


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey you are getting all our snow. You need the that white boat out in Utah. I like the shot over the bow. Best to use a fan boat and go over the top. No prop below the surface.

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