A Bomb Cyclone! YIKES! Okay We Need Some Warm Memories!

One of my favorite warm memories of 2017 – Photo Scott Sawyer

Just when you think that at least over the winter we don’t have to deal with hurricanes and Tornado’s, now Bomb Cyclones. What The Freeze is that about? Really? Can’t we just enjoy a normal cold winter and work in the barn is some sort of comfort.

July 2017 – Wonderful perfect day!

But now that the Cyclone Bomb is going to go off, all we can do is break tools, and sit on our new Woody Boater App and wonder why we are watching little red W’s grow all over the planet and then crash. NOTE, we are working on the APP issues today! So its going to be funky. Like restoring a boat while its out on a run!

So in honor of how cold as crap it is out there. Lets share some warm memories of a kinder weather time.. You remember, that one week between the hurricanes and scorching heat waves..

Our first “Splashmob”

Jimmy testing the App in a warmer moment

Family fun in the summer

A real Golden Retriever! Scarlet loves a boat ride

Summer sunset cruises are what this is all about

The sun is for warmth, love and peace. Not thawing!

Erika Miss WoodyBoater on lake Hopatcong – Photo Bob Kays


Hot sweaty barns are the best!

It can even be warm in Black and White

Florida is just a couple months away!

Being woke up by twin 500hp engines! That beats a cup of coffee anyday!

I even miss a good break down. Sigh! Those are always fun!

Just add warm water

Oh… NO. Just no! Ahhh, Thats gonna leave a burn..

Torch Lake Summer!

Summer memories

Blue skies and flat water dreams..

Swimming in warm water

Short sleeve shirts

Canadian summer fun

You can buy this one at Freedom Boat Service. You can probably also walk across that lake now.. Sorry..

The Dora Canal awaits us all in around 70 Days.. So Close! Yet so Far!

Shorts and waves. Summer will BBBBBBBBBBe Here soon!

Thanks again, for signing up to the app, its getting busy and great to see such support across the globe. Matt


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    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      28 degrees and 1/8 inch of snow in Tallahassee yesterday. A half inch of sleet on the deck here at our place at the coast. Best part we have a gas fireplace here. Last night was the first night I can remember where I had to turn on the spikots to keep the pipes from freezing. A trip to Key Wet sounds appealing right now.

  1. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Sniff some Copper Tone suntan lotion, that always brings me right back to summer! Happy Aromatherapy everyone!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Warm Memories from last years Florida trip!

    Silver Glen Springs on the east coast and a nice beach on the west coast. If all you do when you are in Florida is the Dora Canal you are missing half the fun!

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