A Day Of Hodgepodging Nothingness. It’s About Time.

Just doing nothing is everything!

It seems like sometimes our time has to be used with some sort of purpose. Okay, maybe its just me, considering my entire adult life has been measured in billable hours. So I need to make sure that every second has a billable code. I never realized how that might effect me on a human level. IT SUCKS! Period.

The sun is out, and so is WECATCHEM now

Love me some puffy clouds

And reflections of lines

Why can’t we just do stuff for the sake of nothing?  I suppose this is where the term Wasting Time comes from. But is it a waste if you are just recharging for more focused billable hours. AHHHHHHHHH.

And then a quick thunderstorm

Water Puss got some TLC for the season 2005 SEA PRO with 300 hrs.

New Bottom paint So STINKY can be on the boat lift.

The same thing goes for us here on Woody Boater. I seem to always feel like a story needs some sort of focus. And here lies what will put me in the loony bin. Because even todays story about not doing anything, is in fact a focused story. This is a major endless loop from or too hell.

Tucked away at night

building a showroom of Edison lights

I need to make a cover for Stinky now

Stinky is like driving an old 356 Porsche, or MG.. That is sinking all the time. This could be one of my favorite boats of all time. Then again, they all are

Canvas tarps are a big help.

So here is to NOTHING, doing nothing, And just basking in the glory of NOTHINGNESS.

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  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    So you’ve added curtains around the boathouse, to shield Wecatchem from the sun? Do you still cover her inside there, to keep the birds off? Or are birds not a problem there?

  2. Tjparsons56
    Tjparsons56 says:

    Finally a nice sunny day in northern Michigan with a warm south breeze and no concern about having to go to work tomorrow. Launched the boat yesterday and it ran with no issues.

    Wishing everyone a do nothing but enjoy yourself day – we all deserve it right now.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Just came off the lake after wasting some time on Water Lily. It was great!
    BTW Matt, if you keep those lights on in the boat house for too long, you will have a real population of spiders in there!

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I can echo the retirement remark above… I see another project though Matt – If you put a countertop on the framing at the front of “Wecatchem’s” shelter and add some bar stools, you have a perfect place for a morning cup of coffee or refreshments in the afternoon, while gazing at the beautiful boat…

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