A Good Will New Year Gift To All Our Sponsors, And Future Sponsors.


If you are feeling the pain of rising costs in marketing your business, we here at Woody Boater have figured out a way to help the entire classic boat community get more business and be part of the Woody Boater community. We have for the past 7 years since offering sponsorship, kept our rates the same. We break even and that’s great for us, since we want you to succeed first. And this year we are thrilled to announce that we are dropping our  regular rates by %20.. That’s right, you are reading this right.

What the?

How, why? What the? You ask. Well, it’s simple. Less cost is more sponsors. And as you know with “one less” sponsorship this year, we have the room, and that was such a rotten deal for us, that with the reduction of rates, would be an increase in revenue, and everyone wins.  On another dramatic sale price, we are also taking off %20 off membership. That’s right, your free membership is even freererer now. Didn’t think that was possible did ya? I am talk’n free like walking around the house in just your underwear free. Okay, wait, thats just a horrible visual. man, that ruined the entire offer. Man oh man.. So sorry.

Anyway, if you are interested in becoming a new sponsor, send me an email Matt@WoodyBoater.com and I will give you the low down, and for all our long time sponsors we also are passing those savings on to you as well. We all benefit from this. So see, even though some places are charging more, we are charging less. We are all in this together, if our culture grows, we all enjoy the success of finding new boats, restoring them, and best yet…. USING THEM! And that’s what its all about.


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  1. CDA Duck
    CDA Duck says:

    I would be happy to forgo the 20% reduction in membership to see Mathew in his tighty whitey’s. No, wait! I take it back!!

  2. Where’s The Beef?
    Where’s The Beef? says:

    ACBS membership dues were raised in 2014 and now again for a 22% increase in 3 years. Registration fees for the ACBS International Boat show have gone up 30% in 2 years.

  3. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    I used to pump gas in my Dads’ Mobil Station for 23 cents a gallon….. My brother paid just over $4000.00 for a BRAND NEW 1963 Sting Ray……. What happens to prices over time is relative, and not always logical.

    By the Way, is the Gal in that Artwork sitting on the bow of a Cruiser Boat ???

  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    Cruiser calendar love is a reality, along with cruiser Christmas cards too!!!!!! Simply click on the Matthews Boat Owners Association icon on the left hand side of this Woody Boater page and proceed to the merchandise section — and then order away!!!!!!

    (This message brought to you as a shameful plug for classic Matthews cruisers)

      • Randy
        Randy says:

        MBOA site can be accessed at:

        Yes Ron, the 2018 calendar cover photo is of a 1956 42′ Matthews Martinique. This boat is now in Ontario. I originally considered this boat in the late ’80’s before purchasing the one I now own (which is the August calendar ‘queen’)

  5. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Let’s see, since the membership is free and you are knocking 20% off that means you owe us money 💰, all righty then.
    Kinda like when my girlfriend goes on a diet, she says I owe her money because she eats less when we go out to dinner.

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