A New Era For The ACBS!


Just a couple clicks and I am one of us again. Kinda.

Yesterday I joyfully signed up for the ACBS after several years of self imposed exile. No snail mail stuff, stuffing checks into an envelope. A couple of clicks and bingo, we are signed up. It was surprisingly easy and un dramatic. Woody Boater is now officially a member of the ACBS. We chose the Smith Mountain Lake Chapter as our local group. The Smith Mountain Lake Gang is a hoot for sure. We plan on joining many others through out the country. Michigan, California, Florida, New Jersey, and more…There is  change in the wind in the ACBS. shhhh it’s happening so slowly that none of the snail mails have noticed yet.. But it’s defenetly happening. The web site is well done, clean and easy to navigate, the calendar..on there end is the best in the community. On our end there are still glitches and things are missing. We are all over it. The ACBS shows are seeing an up tick in attendance and membership is on the way up. The leadership of the past boards are to thank.  Some fantastic dynamic Presidents and young scrappy fighters on the board. Bringing back the Symposiums, and finally, Jim Mersman. He has taken the boldest leaps in diplomacy and heat. Opening up the ACBS to new members and making slugs like us feel welcome. For that we, the Sons of Varnish thank you. The Antique & Classic Boat, Woody Boater lifestyle needs your support, it needs you to keep it going in the right direction, to keep us all focused on the fun factor of why we do this.  And thankfully I see that in the ACBS now, this is the time now, this is the time to move the hobby of preserving the past into the future. You can sign up here. ACBS .org

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We are pleased that the Michigan chapter is one that you have chosen for future membership. We will be happy to sign you up make it official when you join us for a good time in Algonac this June!

  2. matt
    matt says:

    My problem is that I consider to many places home. I suppose home is a state of mind and where one feels comfortable. You guys made us feel very much at home. I am so jazzed about this years show.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That’s some good news that might lighten my wallet. I HATE sending paper checks and hand filled out applications, so a club with no online sign up needs to offer something I really want or I just move on.

    I’ll have to think long and hard about a local chapter though. I recently learned the one in my area has a Mayer in it and we know those guys like Arabians. I am not sure I can associate with such a crowd!

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Welcome to the club Matt. You’re going to meet a great group of people………wait, you already know everyone. This is a great source for information about your restorations and details like zipper pullls……….um, ok you’re the expert. In fact having you as a member may actually be a problem with the way you go through boats, they’ll need to send out update stickers for the directories that paste over whatever current boat you have with the newest one. Oh well, glad you’re now a card carrying member.

  5. matt
    matt says:

    HA, that was the problem before. I moved to much and they couldnt keep up with my address. The new digital thing is the set up.

  6. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great header. It’s going up on my office wall right next to “Live Life One Coat of Varnish at a Time”.

  7. matt
    matt says:

    Thanks, i am going to do screen savers soon so you can print them without being dots and crappy resolution

  8. Alex
    Alex says:

    Today’s header says: “It’s easy to navigate a wooden boat, just follow your heart.”

    May I quote that while I’m teaching my 10 and 12 year old kids to dock the designated, sacrificial boat (Lush Life) this Summer? Not that it will matter much. Because the guaranteed, automatic response from each will be “I know,” before I’ve even finished the sentence.

    Anyway, I expect the more memorable quotes of this Summer will be those from the estimators anyway. (Sigh.)

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Alex maybe you can get a removable collar made from the same material th CG safeboats use. When not docking the kids can use it like a giant pool noodle. Also be careful what you teach them as after I taught my daughter to dock I never get a chance to do it myself when she’s around. Good luck

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Why not a nice, small Aristocraft or even a Penn Yan! Great to see them learn, but man- start ’em small.

      On second though, how about HAL with the 3 spd – that would be entertaining, a real spectactor sport.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Your worry is premature. I learned to dock when I was around 6, had my license to drive solo at 10. It was many years later before I learned how to take big chunks out of the boat while docking. Your kids are still at an age where they can be trusted, save the nail biting for a couple years when you will really need it.

  9. tommy holmes
    tommy holmes says:

    Matt, I’m putting you on my Committee. I’ll get back to ya once I figure out a name. But based on the Google logo of today it might be “Zipper Heads”.

  10. Jim Mersman
    Jim Mersman says:

    As short and sweet as “thank you” is to say, it’s deep with meaning and heart felt. Thank YOU matt for being willing to participate in your way. We at ACBS will do our best to not let you and all the sons of varnish members down. It’s all supposed to be fun. Thanks again.

  11. matt
    matt says:

    Its up to all of us to not let ourselves down. Or is it, yourself, or .. wait, its all your fault. There thats better

  12. Jitterbug JS3 (Terry Ross)
    Jitterbug JS3 (Terry Ross) says:

    WELCOME!! As the little ole’ treasurer from The Florida Sunnyland Chapter of ACBS and a fanatic of our boats, boating and our hobby, thanks for coming on board with ACBS!!! Yeah! I’ll be anxiously awaiting to see you on our Sunnyland Chapter roster as a secondary chapter! The more chapters you join, the merrier you will be! (Maybe I could entice/invite you to come back here for our Silver Run – we boat from Mt Dora to Silver Springs Nature Theme Park for a weekend of fun May 11-13,2012!! Beautiful crystal blue waters….. cool old Florida park….. lots of boating and hotel pool fun! I’m happy to send you a registration form!!!)

  13. Jim Mersman
    Jim Mersman says:

    All the cash is now in Euro’s with the help of our new French Chapter. So……….nothing in the dock box at Clayton anymore! By the way……we also need help painting the fence. Can you do that too? I hear you need some cash to help pay for your zipper research project. We’re here to help. (All in good fun…..)

  14. matt
    matt says:

    By the way, today is Gideon Sundback’s birthday who introduced his “Hookless No. 2” zipper. see the google.com home page, its great

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