A New WoodyBoater Is Here -ish, Phase 1.

Today as you peruse through Woody Boater you will notice some small changes, but phase 1 of a bigger plan to change up the way you and WoodyBoater meet and share toilet seat information and other critical topics like, is a phillips head better than a reed and price? BTW, it’s okay if you don’t know. In fact if you do, you need help.

Moving forward

So whats phase 1, and are there other phases?

Phase one, clean up! If you look around the home page of WoodyBoater you no doubt are missing some banners, and other smaller details. We are changing the way we work with what used to be called Sponsors, we are just going to be partners with any people you see here. An international network of Woody Boaters. Trusted resources.

The Antique Boat Museum is the Official Boat Museum of WoodyBoater

From a Museum, to service centers and brokers in your area. It’s been clear for years, we are a regional passion with connections around the planet. The partners here are businesses we use. After 15 years in this community, we have heard it all, tried it all, and have a team that I would and am proud to put my name with.

Lets hold the flag pole together

Partners will have areas that they are exclusive partners in. This is not to say they are the only ones that are in their areas. But the partners that we use and endorse for many reasons.  These are some that are on board, and others will soon be announced. Some in Cities, states and regions. This way wherever you are, The WoodyBoater name means family, and a trusted partner who will help. You are never alone in Woodyboaterville. Unless you want to be. You hermit you!

Herb Hall and Sierra Boats is the West Coast Woody Boater Network Partner

Dave Bortner and Freedom Boat Service is the Minnesota Network Partner

The Katzs Gang is the official Network partner of New Jersey and NYC area

Hagerty is the Official International Insurance partner of Woody Boater

KIRBY Paints are the Exclusive official Paint of Woody Boater.

Phase 2? 3? Do you really think I am going to roll that out in one story? I have been posting puppy stories for god’s sake to fill the air. BTW, he is growing like a weed in a hot southern summer sidewalk crack!

Bruiser eating weeds!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    All well and good official this and that BUT what is the official WoodyBoater adult beverage of choice? Those of us advancing in age with bad backs also need official Chiropractors and/or Orthopedists. WoodyBoater Healthcare Plan? Official snow removal for the northern tier? Ok I’ll stop now and go back to bed.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I have been looking for pirate themed burgee and flags for our sizes with no luck.

    Maybe those could be added to merchandizing and easily spot fellow Woodyboaters.

  3. Jack Thee Boat Hack
    Jack Thee Boat Hack says:

    Awesome plan to go with exclusive (vetted) ‘partners’)!!
    I read once that there are 4? types of shoppers, and I am a Social Shopper, which I think means I rely heavily on the recommendations of others.
    That said, I get 50/50 results on Ford v Chevy. Still putting off that truck purchase. . . .

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Terry looked like he was trying to say something when you and Herb stepped in front of him… 😉 Looking forward to the new, improved (as if that is really even possible) Woody Boater presentations and revelations!

  5. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    I see some suspicious advertising here – after taking the $15 shirt click bait, I got a $25 offer instead. Is that a new ‘exclusive’ partner deal?

  6. William
    William says:


    For custom burgees, flags, etc at very reasonable prices, check out “the flag chick” in BC Canada – google it. She can do anything, with amazing results.

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