A Payette Lakes Original – 1947 Chris-Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser, With Miss Idaho!

When Don & Molly Hardy from McCall Boat Works in Idaho noticed we were having a Virtual Holiday Party last Friday, they e-mailed us with an offer to (virtually) bring along Miss Idaho and her entourage – seen here aboard a very cool 1947 Chris-Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser. Unfortunately we just didn’t have time to round them up in time for the party, but we did learn a few interesting things about the cruiser in the above photo. Here’s the e-mail we received from Don & Molly…

Hey Matt – Looking forward to the Virtual Holiday Party on Friday. Molly and I will bring some of the “girls” on this vintage post-war Chris-Craft cruiser. Here’s an original photo taken from in front of the Shore Lodge on Payette Lake / McCall, Idaho back in the day. This is an actual photo of “Miss Idaho” and her entourage aboard an original Payette Lake Cruiser, 1947 27′ Chris-Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser which was delivered from Algonac, Michigan by railway to Payette Lake, Idaho (all documented by the current owner). (FYI – Miss Idaho for 1947 was Norma Briggs who performed Drama “Romeo and Juliet” at the pagent – Texx)

She (the boat) was “serviced” by McCall Boat Works and we brought her back to her original glory in 2003-2006.

Happy Holiday! – Don & Molly Hardy

Thanks Don. Here’s a few original Chris-Craft Fleet Brochure images from 1947 showing the popular 27′ Super Deluxe. In a post-war economy, I’m sure the Chris-Craft Marketing Department was focusing on trying to attract service men with their catchy slogans placed throughout the brochures.

1947 Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser Brochure - Courtesy Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

“A sunshine special for the smart set afloat.” or “You get a glide-ride, speeds up to 24 MPH sailor!”

“Comfortable, cozy cabin, toilet compartment forward, dinette feature for fun-packed cruises.” or “So safe, so easy, your daughter can drive it, and she will!”

1947 Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser Brochure - Courtesy Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

“Come in the forward hatch, sailor!” or “Thrills galore.” “Here goes your Hotel Afloat.”

Chris-Craft produced a total of 864 – 27′ Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruisers between 1946-1948, which today seems like a lot, as we don’t see these boats that often in our travels.

Here she is (the boat not Miss Idaho) at McCall Boat Works getting some service work, to use Don’s term…

And a shot of the re-finished interior cabin.

And we even found a few shots of the boat in our Woody Boater photo archive from the 2009 Payette Lakes ACBS Chapter show in McCall Idaho, which has held at the beautiful and historic Shore Lodge. When these shots were taken it was named “The Holm” by the Watson Families.

It’s just so cool to see an old wooden Chris-Craft survivor back on the same lake today where it originally began life over 64 years ago.

Thanks to Don & Molly Hardy from McCall Boat Works for sharing another great classic boat story from the mountains of Idaho.  You can learn more about McCall Boat Works in McCall, Idaho by clicking here.

Hey – Maybe we can get Miss Idaho for our upcoming Chris-Craft XK vs Donzi Hornet ultimate fiberglass shootout next year…


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    If Miss Idaho fails to show (hey, that rhymes!) we’ll always have “Miss Michigan.”
    Those of you in-State, ha!
    Those of you out-of-State, have you ever noticed Michigan’s lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten…?

    God I love this blog! Every day, it’s like one giant golf ball, teed up, begging to be whacked. And the Comments? They’re like golf balls too, riding high on tufts of grass, also begging to be whacked.
    WoodyBanter rocks!

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  2. Alex
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    PS. There’s a pristine, early ’50s version of this model (boat, not pagent winner) in Hessel. Freshly repoweded by twin Yanmars making 225 hp each. Speeds over 40. Hope to experience that some day.

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    WoodyGal, for the record, I haven’t whacked anybody in years. But if my godfather calls, I am sworn to his service.

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