A Small Collection Of Our Favorite Fathers Photos!

He is someones Dad now – Lake Hopatcng

Over the past 12  years of doing this we have gotten so many wonderful photos and memories of all our fathers here. So as I was preparing today’s story, I found myself just enjoying the love and joy in all these photos. Enjoy them again, I can over and over. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Best Dad ever! From Ken Furrer – Taken around 1960 Mom Dad and ME!

Kens photo above cracks me up every time. Its one of my favorites of all time.

Dave Bortners father… mmmmm I wonder where Dave got the idea of fun shorts?

My Fathers Father. I still use his desk!

One of my favorite places on earth. Except that chair. UGH!

Salter and Dad Watson!

From Kelly Wittenauer – is my father in his Aristocraft Seaflash. Here is the shot cleaned up but not cleaned up

From Biggest Balls Winner David Konick – This is my Dad on our 19 foot 1955 Cruis-Along Buccaneer. This picture taken at Lynch’s Marina on Pilottown Road in Lewes in the Summer of 1955 or 1956. We got this boat after our outboard turned over in the Lewes & Rehoboth (Delaware ) canal in the summer of 1954, and I almost drowned when I was a year and a half old. My mother told him if he was going to take us kids out any more, he better get a boat that wouldn’t turn over, so he got the CruisAlong. I am pretty sure it had an 85 HP Graymarine engine. It was built by M.M. Davis & Sons over in Solomons MD. My memories of this boat are many. When it got rough, my father put my up under the front deck and I laid on the anchor rope. I remember many a day watching sheets of spray flying over the canvas top and into the back of the boat and the sound of the waves crunching on those lapstrake planks. We kept the boat until 1958, when we got a larger, twin-screw 30 foot Egg Harbor.

David Konick and His Son burried in tan lapstrake love.. What a fantastic way to spend Fathers day Weekend! St Micheals

Great family father and sons team. The LaDonnes

Another Father Son Team. Seth and Sean, Shawn, Saun. Shawn

One of the greats! WE MISS YOU DON!

Christian & Dad – Govt Bay

DADS FIRST BOAT – Not sure who this is from? Maybe Bob Kays


My father on the left durring WW2 and my mom Left. Aunt far right

Also from Bob Kays – my Grandfather in his 1956? Fleetcraft. Mahogany decks and pink or coral fiberglass hull. Hi did not want to deal with a wood bottom so he thought he would try this new fiberglass. I don’t remember the boat, though we do have a photo of me in the boat. I wonder if anyone in Woody Boaterville knows of a model of this boat still out there.

It’s not just women who were made to look dumb.. Here is another classic, like on fathers day men all sit around and “talk” not that there is anything wrong with that?

My son Hank and I in Quimby Country Vermont after working on a sunfish

Katelyn Marsden and her Dad Syd are damp and in he pink. What a fantastic family!

One of our favorite stories on “Snazzy’s” Father and Daughter restoration

Sitting with my father on a 45′ River Queen boat..bored. I would give the world to be board like that again with my father and grandfather.

The Turner Dads – What a fantastic family

We lost one of the greats this year. Thank you Mr Turner, you made the world a little more fun!

The Father of Chris Craft

Propelled by his father, a man known only as “H,” Chris Smith (age 2) steers his cardboard boat ahead of Ella Turner, 3, who is propelled by her mother, Jenna.

Father and daughter departing in their 1959, 14’ Whirlwind, her hand lazily enjoying the summer water. Ahh the simple pleasures.

Share your Dad shots today!

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  1. Allen
    Allen says:

    My dad lending a hand getting the boat house find in the water(Bob Kays photo) now that I mention it he’s always lending a hand! Happy Father’s Day everyone

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

      Posted this last nite. I had to post it again. Dad still getting out there at 88. We miss him. Read yesterdays post for the full story.
      Happy Fathers Day to all.
      Go Boating if you can

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    It’s been 20 years since my dad passed away but I think of him every day. We grew up on a 1959 31’ Chris Craft Express that we traveled up Lake Huron to the Georgian Bay and North Channel every summer.
    This was way before GPS or LORAN so it was just charts and compass. My dad was a master at dead reckoning and I still have his charts with courses, distance, travel times and deviation all laid out. Other friends who traveled with us with faster boats always seemed to line up behind us when the weather got bad or going into an unknown area.
    So here’s to you dad on Father’s Day with “don’t leave any Holidays” etched in my memory when my brother and I were laying in the mud painting the bottom.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Love that picture of the SailFish….I have two… and all the parts… They need restoration but are original…..Anybody want them ??
    They are free to a good home…

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Three guys lounging around in their underwear, wait, oh those are swim suits? And why not recline back on a cushion on this splintery wood boat dock when there’s perfectly good boat seating in the aft cockpit??? By the way, love your grandfather’s curly maple desk but I would have assumed, with the amount of time and frequency you spend online that you would have a more ergonomic workstation with adjustable keyboard height, larger and multiple monitors and adjustable ergonomic chair to prevent RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries) that create carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder, neck, and back pain stress. Something I had researched providing tech services to non users Just looking out for your comfort.

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Posted this late last nite. Had to post it again. Dad still getting out there at 88. We miss him. Read yesterdays post for the full story.

  6. Arnie
    Arnie says:

    Nice ham (not related to bacon) radio station. Vintage ham gear is much like vintage wood boats – not many around who can repair them, and parts can be hard to come by. I still operate all the Collins gear seen on the lower shelf at desktop level. Very good gear. The two Collins radios on the left were known as the “Gold Dust Twins”. Few hams could afford them in the late ’50’s!

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Matt, where was the picture of your parents and aunt taken? They had a nice set of “vintage” Adirondack chairs!

  8. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Dad and Mom on the original “Thisuldu”. When we purchased our current cruiser, Dad suggested I revive the family boat name. I miss them both…

  9. Gail Turner
    Gail Turner says:

    Love these pictures! They are all about memories….and fun…..adventure…..and time together. The gift of presence carries on….and it is such an honor and gift to carry that forward. A great justification for more time on the water this summer!

  10. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Very well said Gail! I think we all should do our part to be on the water this summer.

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