To The Citizens Of Woody Boater – T Shirts, Emails,Traffic And Donate Buttons!

The new designs are ready to go.

The new designs are ready to go. These were designed for 2013, we made 60 and sold out in a day in Florida before the store “Issues” If you want one, bring it on.

We thought this may be a good time for some house keeping. First. THE STORE IS OPEN! Yes finally after months of a broken store we have an amazing new store. thanks to fellow Woody Boater Alan Arrighi  of Action Screen Print. So it all stays in the family. Shop local I always say. We have marked down the Sons of Varnish shirts since they are old inventory and now have beefed up the new designs. Buy now, buy often.


A brief update  on the explosive population growth of Woodyboaterville. Over the past month we have slammed all readership records, readership is up over 20% this year from last year. We are trying some new things and its working faster than expected.  Also if you have not visited our facebook page, please do and make sure to LIKE US there. We do about three updates there a day.

For some Woody Boater is only an email.

For some Woody Boater is only an email.

To our Email residents….While many of you come to daily.  Some are getting the exclusive Woody Boater stories via email only. You may not know this, BUT,  There is a web site behind those emails. That’s right, you can comment on the web site, there is a live calender from the ACBS no less. And the top ten conversations on the Chris Craft Antique Boat Clubs #1 Classic boat forum  Boat Buzz are right here as well. Lots of vetted great suppliers and services, like Hagerty Marine Insurance, or Chrome work with Superior Chrome Plating. Heck even a place that can finance your new dream. And web sites with those very dream boats for sale! Any part of a restoration is there. It’s all here in one place. The best part though, is the ability to comment. that’s right, there are a mess of others like you commenting and putting pictures on the comments. All you need is a degree from MIT to work out the math problem. Its a spam filter. But will keep your brain young.

Regarding the Donate button, The Donate button has been moved to the ABOUT us section of the site, it’s there in the area talking about sponsorship and how you can help support Woody Boater so we can stay subscription free. Why Move it? The donations were very good and beyond helpful, but only when we asked. Which turned us into a telethon type thing, which felt strange to be honest.  So we took it off the home page and moved it. We will move it back during yearly fund raising efforts. If you contributed, THANKYOU! Your donations are being used in many ways. Readership growth, marketing, and technology. You can also contribute by supporting our sponsors who support all of us. Later this year we will do an annual report of how its all working. The good news is that this year for the first time in our history, we may break even regarding hard costs. Wooohooo!

Thanks for your brief attention, now back to the boat show chaos. Thanks again, and may the varnish gods bless you with a dry dust free day!

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    I will be stopping by the store this weekend.

    Love the Header of the Connie!

    Thanks for all you do!


  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    You and Texx know that you got me addicted way beyond the point of withdrawal a long time ago! You also have many other strong supporters and friends in Michigan. Keep up the good work, and use’em if you got’em. There is nothing more sad than a dry boat.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I went to the woodystore to grab a few packs of wieners for lunch, but it looks like you sold out already.

  4. David
    David says:

    The headers on your sight as of late have been nothing short of breathtaking!! I think someone said a few days ago they gasped out loud. I did that this morning.

    Please bring back your scrolling headers!!! I just want to stare at all of the great headers we’ve seen over the past few weeks.


    The stories are great (awesome) but the pictures are fantastic!! I guess after typing that last sentence, it sounds similar to something you would say about another non-boating publication.

  5. dreed
    dreed says:

    I received my ‘full throttle” shirt earlier this week. I don’t have any grease or varnish stains on it yet. Wait until Monday though…

  6. woody
    woody says:

    Oh yeah it the perfect set up. Right cabin set up. Right size . I love these big cruisers. And they are a bargain despite the perceived costs. Especially compared to a new 48 footer. And 100 times the style

  7. Glen
    Glen says:

    Hi have you guys ever found a new source for yacht “skipper” caps? I have one from Midway but it is not close to the real deal. Heavy plastic frame, very still and uncomfortable.

    Do you have an Lancasters left unsold? I wear a 7 1/4.

    Do you have any suggestions on making the Midway cap wearable?

    Thanks so much!

    San Diego, CA

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