A True Power Boater Needs A Ladder.

Victors XK19 is always ready to go.

We got this great note from fellow Woody Boater Victor. Wow, way to go Victor. You can read his note below.

I’m a disabled boater (stroke) but By the mercy of God and months of rehab I can still use my 1970 XK19. Unfortunately I am not able to get in and out of my boat when anchored at the sandbar on Lake James where I keep it on a lift. I’ve been looking for a boarding ladder like the one in the picture which was an option for my boat and often used on Centurys I want to put out a call to the Woody Boater universe and see if anyone has one they’re willing to sell me.

Does anyone out there know about these ladders?

BTW the name of my boat is “Victory”. Originally it was in honor of the statue on top of the monument in the center of downtown Indianapolis, my home city, also named Victory but now it reflects my triumph over death and disability.

To narrow for the gunnels on the XK

He did purchase one of the ladders we featured but it doesn’t fit.

Anyone got a ladder for a XK19? We so have to keep Victor and Victory together and waking everyone up in the early mornings! Go Victor go!

ALSO stay tuned for any updates on the Turcotte tragedy. We have no updates other than the driver that who’s name will ever be mentioned here, that caused all this, has been charged with Manslaughter. and several other charges and held in jail, no bail allowed. UGH. HERE is the NY State Police report

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  1. RH In Indy
    RH In Indy says:

    Victor, I love the Lake James show and have had a picture of your XK in my phone photos for a couple of years now. It’s an absolutely beautiful machine. Looks like you’ve found a ladder. Glad you’re enjoying that beauty.

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