A Word On Censorship! Your Word Is Appreciated.

It's not a joke to some. Whats the difference between then and now?

It’s not a joke to some. Whats the difference between then and now?

Last week, we received a couple emails voicing a concern over some of the images in our comment section on Woody Boater. I did not answer the emails, but what I did do, is contact our “Board” of directors. With the question, should there be censorship, and where is the line? The answer was unanimous. No Censorship. One of the things that makes Woody Boater work is that it’s an open forum to discuss all things in the lifestyle of classic boating. Good and bad. Safe and un safe. Politically correct, and not PC, offensive to some, funny to others. I will add, that its rare that we do a story with subject matter that’s any of this stuff. Its boats after all. We do have a code of conduct near the comment section. But taste and PC are not part of it since that is a subjective call. Comments are peoples opinions and sometimes do not reflect our opinions, or feelings. And we like it that way. It’s what makes this fun and open. If you are easily offended, then it gets tough to live on the web. We don’t want to water down or censor anything here. We run stuff and allow stuff that any TV station would allow. No nudity, or foul language, and the real rule, no personal bashing.

Today is your day to have an opinion please. After all in the end, it’s really what you think that effects Woody Boater.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You do have a line, “what a TV station would allow” and I would assume if someone crossed that line and posted nudity or profanity, you would censor it. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  2. Troy
    Troy says:

    I have to admit that when I posted sausage girl last week I hesitated and thought it my be too close to the edge, but hit send anyway.

    I by no means intend to offend anyone with my warped sense of humor, so I will attempt to keep the restrained. I would feel awful if something I posted made Matt (and Texx) loose even a single reader.

    All that being said, beautiful women are, always have been, and will remain to be a solid part of the boating lifestyle.

  3. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    100% agree with the above. Classic boats are appealing to the eye and attract other pleasing in appearance entities. Including appealing looking people, male and female. This appealing and pleasing in appearance female hopped into my boat at the Milwaukee Boat Show a few day ago. Hope no one is offended.

  4. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    So far it looks like Woody boater is scoring right in there with the Saettle Seahawks when it comes to spectator satisfaction….Keep up the good work.

  5. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    I had a few thoughts after reading Matt’s challenge for the day. However, as I tried to write them here – I kept having to go back and look at the header. Not sure why. Gave up finally. I’m just going to stare at the header and think nice thoughts of summer and boats. And….whatever else comes along. I’ll cover the topic at hand another day.

  6. Michael M
    Michael M says:

    Freedom of speech? Use it, or lose it. These days, perhaps it’s more a matter of “Use it, while you still can.” As far as I’m concerned, that applies to imagery as well. What may seem “racy” to some is downright beautiful to others. And, my two cents on today’s header by Shaun Fenn is that it is absolutely beautiful.

    It is impossible to draw a black-and-white line as to what is acceptable, and what is offensive. That threshold varies for everyone, and it varies WIDELY – particularly here in the U.S., where we have the most culturally diverse population on the face of the earth.

    Efforts to bring tolerance to the “lowest common denomitator”; à la so-called “Political Correctness”, have largely just drained the color and variety out of American culture in my opinion. Your basic guideline of “We don’t want to water down or censor anything here. We run stuff and allow stuff that any TV station would allow. No nudity, or foul language, and the real rule, no personal bashing” is more than reasonable, and I’m happy to see you standing up for it.

    • oldernowiser
      oldernowiser says:

      Well said, well said, well said!!
      Woodyboater is one of the most enjoyable stops on my daily web excursions. If someone gets offended here, they have set their threshold of intolerance WAY too low. Keep up the good work!

  7. Warren
    Warren says:

    Nothing wrong with nudity as long as it’s tasteful and classy,but this is not the site for it.

    Carry on with your guidelines Matt.

    Oh Yea,BTW….love the header!!!

  8. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    I posted a comment relating to this some time ago. Another site I used to participate in went from being a car enthusiast site to being a “sexy chicks posing on cars” site, and lost its appeal for many of us. Not that photos of women aren’t welcome, but good taste inevitably goes out the window.

    Like others have said, keep your censorship rules as they are, but encourage good taste.

    The sausage girl was gross, not because of the lack of clothes, but because of the overabundance of raw sausage. Just my opinion.

  9. Chuck Crosby
    Chuck Crosby says:

    I must admit that I was offended by Troy’s sausage picture…Not by the amount of skin, but by the fact that all of that good sausage would go to waste.

    In college I worked in the Pizza biz and we had an Advertisement photo shoot and I know that all of the great looking sausage will be thrown away….What a waste.

    As for the what’s OK for TV code, I assume that you are referring to US standards, not those of our friends who make Rivas….

    Articles on both wooden and classic glass boats, pictures of both wooden and classic glass boats, and comments from the peanut galley are what bring me back to this blog.

    PS: would like an article and the expected comments on the merits of replacing an original engine with a modern one for a user boat such as a CC Capri or Riviera.

  10. Redbeardsraven
    Redbeardsraven says:

    Woman and boats are like… peas and carrots. ok

    You can take our woman, but you cant take our FREEDOM.
    or our boats or my wood screws. I’m going to need them when it warms up .

  11. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    mmm, sausage. Out of town, what’d I miss? be careful searching “sausage girl” at work, you may end up in the “principals office”.

  12. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    So I’m still the Sexiest Man in WoodyBoater World? Whew, that was close, getting censored and all. I,d have to wear a number of black bars, all over me to quench the ravages of women and mikeM who look at me in THAT way, all the time. Carry on Sailors

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      Tommy, You’re so sexy I’m thinking about creating my own competing blog dedicated to you and your all around sexiness. Skin to win…..

  13. brian t
    brian t says:

    A while back, a local motorbike shop dealt with this issue of nudity and women and men and censorship etc etc. And then for fun mind you, they reversed the traditional roles, the sales and service departments – very masculine dudes – let their feminine side out, as a sort of social experiment. Please see the photo….

    I have no problem with the beauties that (mostly) Troy posts here and by no means should he be forced to stop.

    WB though does have a large number of members of the fairer sex so we should be equal and not hurl up your liver if one of the ladies were to ever post some Chippy dude posing over a Century.

    The header is just really, really nice by the way.

  14. Rick
    Rick says:

    If this were a PC blog would we have even been talking toilet seats at the beginning? Matt its all good.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Our host is in advertising. If you want technical articles or traditional spelling they are going to have to come from someone else. The good news is Matt and Texx are always open to community submitted articles, so write something up and send it in.

  15. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    GREAT Header, very tasteful without being over the top.

    Any chance of getting it in higher resolution????

  16. Troy
    Troy says:

    Kudos to Shaun and his model!

    Great shot, beautiful lighting, gorgeous form, and the Boat looks good too!

  17. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    I personally loved Troy’s sausage woman, It was a very crafty photo. I never thought of a Johnsonville Brat gross when smokin on the grill and could only laugh when I saw that picture, I really luv beautiful women and woodboats and think we need a sense of humor. Lighten Up

  18. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    All good here! Every once in awhile with Troy’s more colorful shots all I can think is Oh No, He Did…and laugh…
    Carry on boys!

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