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I know this story does not involve boats, or a show, sorry.Today’s story is to companies that depend on all of us for a living.  This is the time of year we make plans for next year and of course we are rebuilding the entire brand as we speak. No grass growing here that’s for sure. But what ever we do, it all depends on you the reader, and the advertisers who want to reach you. If you as a business are not marketing smart, you will die. Period.. That’s one of the reasons we at Woody Boater have a special place in our hearts for sponsors. To make sure your marketing is powerful, and effective, but most importantly, to be were your consumer is. And they are here.. To the tune of over 230,000 of them a year.. 4,000 a day. People like you are right now, tuning in to see whats up in our world. Shows, forms, sources for stuff, and a place to not feel alone in your obsession.


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So, why is it smart to sponsor us here? There are a bunch of reasons that have very little to do with heart felt support, but more in regards to just smart marketing. Many of our readers are small business owners who are not huge marketers, but would benefit from huge marketing brains, and of course some awareness and don’t want to spend a fortune of ad agencies to help them spend there money smarter.  This story is written from the point of view of my other carrier, the one that’s 35 years in the marketing field. I have worked on some of the top brands in the world, and have now owned one of the top 10 agencies in Washington DC for 13 years. I am obsessed with staying up to date on all the changes in the marketing world, and the last 2 years have had more change than in 60 years. It’s the wild wild west.  And with out hesitation I can say that Woody Boater is the number one marketing tool for your classic boat business in the world. Nothing compares. Not even close.  I am not boasting here. There just isn’t any competition.. I am sad about that to be honest.. but the market is to small, heck it’s almost to small for us here. But we love it, we are driven by heart and passion for the culture of classic boating to grow. And if you grow we grow! It’s really that simple!


The new ad in the Brass bell. Two Pages and I must say, she is Spectacular!

The new pure image ad in the Brass bell. Two full Pages. Why print? Because its important as well, to establish us to the world that just reads print.

But heart and passion isn’t enough, we are also daily, sometimes hourly, and streaming live!  Those are key issues when it comes to your marketing.. Frequency drives awareness, thus drives interest, then action.. If someone sees your ad 4 times a year in print, vs 365 days for the same money, it’s not even a close comparison. Lets just say for comparison, the 3 magazines you can market in reach roughly 7,000 people. Many overlapping.. You reach them 4 times a year..  We get around 3000 – 6,000 a day! And close to 230,000 a year. They return over 1.5 million times a year as well. The bulk of our readers don’t belong to clubs, and many are just sniffing around. You want to be here.

Add to all that, a direct link to your website and thus your phone. Lets all face it, you want to target new folks. So do we, that’s why we are open 24/7 and free. Take advantage of it. But this isn’t just me of course trying to sell you ad space. The statistics about online marketing effectiveness are amazing..

Some jaw dropping statistics on online marketing. These are from Neilson the fancy poll people, the people behind the Neilson Ratings that drive all broadcast.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.49.34 PM

Woody Boater covers the top six bars..

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.51.05 PM

The bottom bars are familiarity.. That’s us, daily… Its even better if you comment and are part of the community. Afinity is a trusted source, and consideration the top bar is also driven by objective experts.. TRUST!

So, you say, what? How can I help? I own a plumbing supply company and I just read here once a month. Well, you can use our sponsors, you can tell others that don’t know about us, that you are a Woody Boater, and they should take advantage of the power of Woody Boater. If you want to take advantage of Woody Boater, please feel free to email us. All our info including traffic reports and contact info in the ABOUT section of the site.

Thanks to the readers today for putting up with the pitch. Feel free to comment and tell anyone on the fence that you will buy stuff from them if they advertise. Its also header day to satisfy your need. Just hit refresh!



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