All Hands On Deck For….. All Hands On Deck! 2012 ACBS Workshop & Symposium

1948 17'6" Century Resorter - Image Courtesy Lake Oswego Boat Co.

Summer and another classic boating season are right around the corner for most of us, but it’s not too late to sign up for one of the many ACBS Chapter Workshops in your area, or the upcoming ACBS Symposium / Workshop in Clayton, New York.

ACBS Past President Dick Werner and his team have been working hard behind the scenes again this year to help get these events organized, including two very successful workshops recently at the Antique Boat Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and last month in Tavares, Florida. Other ACBS Chapter Workshops are listed in the event calender on the Woody Boater homepage.

The next two events on the schedule are the Columbia Willamette Chapter ACBS Workshop this weekend in Portland, Oregon and the big ACBS Three-Day Symposium / Workshop in historic Clayton, New York – Home of the Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) Headquarters. Here’s the details…

2011 Columbia-Willamette Chapter Workshop - Lake Oswego Boat Co

Columbia-Willamette ACBS Chapter One-Day Workshop

CHAPTER: Columbia Willamette Chapter
LOCATION: Lake Oswego Boat Company – West Linn (Portland), Oregon
DATE: April 7, 2012 Saturday

Subjects to be covered:
– Upholstery—care and maintenance;
– Props—understanding the size, pitch and cupping;
– Trailers—maintenance, safety issues, care of wheel bearings;
– Shaft and Rudder packing;
– Staining and varnishing demonstrations as well as a hands on experience

Jack Mayeaux – Mayeaux Upholstery Co.
Greg Bateman – Ryan Trailers
Tom Horn – Thorn Boat Co.
Brian Shefield – Shefield Propeller
Mike Mayer – Lake Oswego Boat Co.
Dave Jerome – Dave Jerome’s Classic Boat Restorations
Jim West – West Coast Classic Boat Restoration
Andrew Werner – Blowfish Classic Boatworks

REGISTRATION: Dick Werner Phone 503-628-1402 or at

ACBS Three-Day Symposium / Workshop in Clayton, New York

LOCATION: Antique Boat Museum — Clayton, N.Y.
DATES: May 4, 5, 6, 2012
– Plank Replacement, Plank repair using epoxies;
– Staining and varnishing techniques;
– General marine engine maintenance and trouble shooting;
– Marine electrical systems — understanding them and enabling you to do better maintenance;
– Outboard motors-restoration and maintenance;

SPEAKERS: Don Danenberg, Bo & Kathy Muller, Mike Corrigan, Dave Van Ness, Scott Smith.

There will be:

• Several very interesting talks given by Tony Mollica on comparing the engineering and designing differences and similarities of the top boat builders of the 20’s and 30’s such as Chris Craft, Gar Wood, Hacker, Dodge.

• A panel discussion with our speakers on the proper way to lay a boat up for the winter, including winterizing the engine.

• Additional topics discussed and demonstrated. We will be breaking up into small groups to allow for hands on experience.

• Time allocated for a behind the scenes tour of the boat collection not seen by the public.

• An outstanding week end of obtaining practical information as well as hands on experience that you can take home and put to use.

COST: $149.00 which includes Friday evening dinner, continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday lunch, all written material and supplies.

REGISTRATION: Please contact: Margaret Hummel – Events Coordinator
E-mail: phone: 315-686-4104 ext…223

For lodging accommodations please contact the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. : 1-800-252-9806

To register or to obtain any more information about any of these workshops, Call ACBS Headquarters: 315-686-2628 or email:  or click here to go the ACBS HQ website.  

Don Danenberg Hands-On Steam Bending Demo - Mariner's Museum 2005

Image Courtesy - Lake Oswego Boat Company

And after attending the Workshop and learning all that valuable information from the experts, you can go back to the boat shed – make your final repairs, and before you know it you will cruising across the lake in your dream boat.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If the Clayton workshop was not on my anniversary I would definitely be there. Still might go, but I think I better get approval before signing up.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    m-fine, I vote “go” for you. In fact, I GIVE you approval. I can think of no better anniversary gift to yourself. Repeat after me: “I love me, I love me knot. I love me, I love me knot. I love me, I… Hey, I love me!”

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Is that knot as in what you tie in a docking line, a knot as in nautical mile per hour, or knot as in how woodyboater spells not?

    I have asked permission. Still waiting for a response.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    It’s knot as it you do knot need to await a response. Man up, anniversary-boy. Try this approach… “Honey bunny, I have an obligation, nay, a calling, to attend this seminar. To ensure the marine assets in which we have invested our hard won money, retain their future value for the kids. So, it’s for THE KIDS, dear.” Then, end it with this ominous sentence… “If I don’t attend, Nostradamus could be right and all will be lost.”

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Hmmm, my boat will last until December even if the finish is in need of attention, so perhaps there is not point of going to the workshop or even spending any time or money on further restoration.

      I may need to consult the Aztecs, but first I need to confirm that Aztecs would be the woodyboater spelling for Mayans.

    • DonD
      DonD says:

      Sounds like a response to me.

      What is she doing that weekend?

      You can help with the presentation.

      Lotsa B&B’s nearby.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        Don, I can bring a boat for you to work on :-). Anything you want to demonstrate, she needs done.

        My wife thought about coming, and if it was another month later into the season she probably would have.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks for that update Andreas. I just checked the BSLOL-ACBS Chapter website and it appears that the information on the April Workshop is not yet posted. We would be happy to help when the infomation / schedule is ready for publication.

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